Matt Taibbi Moving #TwitterFiles Reporting To Truth Social

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Journalist Matt Taibbi is moving his #TwitterFiles reporting to Truth Social.

Thursday, Taibbi posted a Subtack article expressing concerns about leaving his reporting on the topic “to the whims” of Elon Musk.

“The disabling of the Twitter Files threads even temporarily made me nervous right away about leaving them to the whims of the company. I know other sites have already copied the TF material, but as of today we’re uploading my threads at least to a number of different platforms, including Facebook, Substack (see the new section atop the face page), and, yes, TruthSocial, among others.”

Via Mediaite.

The decision to leave Twitter for Truth serves as the latest escalation in an ongoing feud between the journalist and Musk.

OutKick detailed the feud step-by-step on Monday, which in short goes as in the order of events:

— Taibbi’s Substack platform announced a Twitter alternative called “Notes.”

— Twitter disabled the sharing of Substack links.

— Taibbi tweeted he would depart Twitter amid the blocking of linking sharing.

— Musk claims Twitter never blocked the links, but that “Substack was trying to download a massive portion of the Twitter database to bootstrap their Twitter clone, so their IP address is obviously untrusted.”

— Musk posted private direct messages of Taibbi sort of stating he’s an employee of Substack, a claim he denied in a Substack post responding to Musk.

Caught up?

UNITED STATES – MARCH 9: Matt Taibbi, a journalist, testifies during the House Judiciary Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government hearing titled The Twitter Files, in Rayburn Building on Thursday, March 9, 2023. (Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

Now, Taibbi is taking his work to Truth Social. Donald Trump launched Truth Social last year, as a direct competitor to Twitter.

Taibbi used Truth on Thursday to share an article detailing his “switch to new platforms.”

Barring another turn of events, Taibbi will seek to recapture the reach of his 1.8 million Twitter followers on competing social media services.

While certainly enthralling, Musk and Taibbi are two of the few individuals with the means to make waves in what’s become a Battle of Information on the internet.

Together, Musk and Taibbi exposed acts of shadowbanning, a government agent, and collusion with the DNC.

But as their feud continues, it diverts attention from those who engaged in politically-motivated censorship: corporate press, Big Tech, and the government.

They, not Musk or Taibbi, ought to be the focus.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Don’t let the mainstream media obfuscate yourselves about what Musk and Taibbi revealed. This is an astroturf, while I’m sure the two are slightly annoyed at one another, I’m sure it’s not this big deal that the media is making it out to be. Keep focus on the right things, as Bobby says here.

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