Matt Barnes Responds to Kwame Brown Rant; Adds to Podcast Hosts’ History of Troubling Remarks

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If you were lucky enough to catch Kwame Brown’s rant against Matt Barnes, Gilbert Arenas, and Stephen Jackson, then get ready. There’s plenty more fight left in this feud.

For those who haven’t followed the story, former No. 1 pick Kwame Brown became the object of ridicule during a segment on the All the Smoke podcast, hosted by Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. The two former players and podcast guest Gilbert Arenas mocked Brown as an NBA “bust” after he was drafted first in the 2001 NBA draft. Kwame responded with a fantastic rant, and now Barnes is ready to face off against Kwame for his remarks.

Taking to Instagram, Matt Barnes responded to Brown’s viral rant by sending Brown a shady invite to join All the Smoke — an “award-winning podcast” as noted by Brown.

He promised Brown a guest spot on the podcast to address his comments directed at the podcasts hosts. Barnes also threw a few jabs in the rant.

“We don’t tear down black men,” assured Barnes in a nearly two-minute rant. He then added, “If me and you gotta box before, during or after and shake hands to get this (expletive) done, you know I’m always with the (expletive).”

According to TMZ Sports, Kwame responded with his own Instagram video, rejecting the threats issued by and the podcast invite from Barnes.

The iHeart Radio Award winner for Best Sports podcast, lauded by Barnes in his Instagram video, is co-hosted by former NBA player Stephen Jackson, and discusses sports, politics, and sometimes the two as they intertwine. Original, right?

The question now becomes: Should Brown accept the duo’s offer for a guest spot on the podcast, in a moment of great unification? To answer that, let’s review the hosts’ history of bad remarks. 

Self-acclaimed unifier Stephen Jackson, whose whopping 16.6K Instagram posts (not followers, POSTS) don’t demonstrate good discretion, is also known for his BLM activism. One of Stephen Jackson’s crowning moments came when he defended DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic remarks that go as follows: “Because the white Jews know that the Negroes are the real Children of Israel and to keep Americas secret the Jews will blackmail America.” 

Stephen Jackson went to Twitter and announced that “(DeSean) Jackson is speaking the truth.”

In his NBA and post-NBA careers, Matt Barnes has maintained a hyper volatile personality, one that isn’t afraid to take the cheap shot no one else is willing to take. Part of Kwame Brown’s rant referenced a violent altercation between Barnes and Los Angeles Sparks’ head coach Derek Fisher, sparked by a controversy involving Barnes’ ex-wife.

Brown’s viral rant pointed out how the two have used the message of BLM to preach an empty promise of protecting black citizens, yet are willing to go out of their way to attack those within the black community on air.

As the feud between Kwame Brown and the two podcasters continues to grow, with more threats and viral rants, it’s hard not to support Brown for speaking truth himself. 

People who are reasonable, or who don’t mind skipping full segments of The Jump devoted to racial issues, are beginning to see that Brown’s opinions on Barnes and Jackson have some validity. The two have a race-based agenda that fuels their podcast and guest spots on ESPN.

It appears that his separation from the spotlight post-career may be the reason Kwame Brown doesn’t have any strings to pull, which the media doesn’t like. 

Kwame, if you want a fair platform to sound off on, give us a call.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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