Stephen Jackson Moronically Defends DeSean Jackson Hitler Post

Total110 One of the major stories of the day involved Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson sharing a quote that was probably inaccurately attributed to Adolf Hitler about Jews and black people, and some praise for decades-long anti-semite Louis Farrakhan, and later apologizing for all of it. The Eagles issued an aggressive statement while Adam Schefter hinted ...





Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. What we’ve seen here with both Jacksons is, un-or-mis-educated athletes exposing the fact they are un/miseducated. Desean may have gone to Cal Berkley, but he most certainly was only there on athletic scholarship and even still, probably got fed some far-left drivel while he was there anyway.

  2. Okay wait. Educate me.

    BLM supports the removal of Jesus from churches because he’s white.

    De’Sean Jackson posted an Instagram about Negros are the real children of Israel. Stephen Jackson approved the message.

    …Wouldn’t BLM agree with De’Sean? How can sports leagues punish their athletes for following BLM logic?

  3. In ANY other walk of life, we would ignore these people. They are not worth our energy except for the fact the media asks them questions and seeks their opinion on things they are woefully unqualified to speak about. I am starting to think some members of the media my be doing this BECAUSE they know how dense many of these athletes are. Could this be a form of setting the weaker minded kid in class up to look dumb so they can laugh behind their back? I don’t know, just trying to understand why anyone would continue to seek out opinions or publish comments by athletes. I suppose it says a lot about the general public that they click on and absorb this content.

  4. I believe in the ability to say what’s on your mind. Given that, sometimes, it is emotionally invested and people should not rush to judgment (cancel culture is bs). Freedom is the ability to speak your mind! At the same time, if someone says something that is based on emotion and not actually what they believe, they should not be persecuted.

  5. FYI….The big three is a 3-on-3 basketball league founded by hip hop musician and actor Ice Cube and entertainment executive Jeff Kwatinetz. Knuckle head plays for the Killer 3’s. I had to look it up to know anything about it.

  6. Stephen Jackson you just removed all doubt that you are an idiot. Are there racist people in America? Yes, there is no way to rid human beings of hate, simply impossible. That being said there is no systemic racism. The only people hunting black people are other black people in urban areas. It is sad. Stephen Jackson why didn’t you mention the shooting deaths of innocent children over the weekend? I guess those children’s lives did not matter enough to you. Say their names!

    • If there is “systemic racism”, it is caused by the Democratic party who want to keep black people poor, so they vote for them. You can’t expect most athletes to think critically. It’s easier to blame anyone but themselves for their misfortune – which has made them millions.

  7. While Stephen Jackson’s statement on a macro level is disturbing, there is a micro statement within the larger post that needs to be called out. We cannot, as Americans, allow people to get away with throw away comments like “racism at an all-time high” without challenging them. THOSE words are the evidence of the misinformation that many in America are suffering from. Jason Whitlock calls it out generally in his article yesterday about systemic evolution, where he said they are trying to convince us its 1852, but we need to call out people directly when they make a statement like that. Racism is not at an all time high and anyone who took an American history class knows that. Left unchallenged, throw away one liners like this become “fact”.

  8. The man actually wrote that racism is at an “all time high.”

    Think about that. I haven’t seen a single instance of an angry white (or any other color) mob confronting and fighting with a group of BLM protestors. We all know it would have been national news for days if it had happened. Heck, ESPN would have had sportscasters commentating the live event. This is the problem with destroying or hiding history. If people could see film of the race riots in the 1960’s in the south, or worse in Chicago, they would have real perspective on where we have come as a country. So sad. So uneducated. So little understanding of history.

  9. And the true bigots reveal themselves. Defending a Hitler post that isn’t true. But what do you expect from people that are saying “But y’all don’t want him to educate ourselves”. Whatever that means. Also, what Riley Cooper sang out was at a concert. It wasn’t directed at anyone. Context matters

  10. Showtime will do nothing about Stephen Jackson. All the Smoke is a very good podcast, and its a shame that Stacks speaks this way about glorifying evil. Stacks was fun player to root for and was flourishing in his post nba career, but this behavior should not be rewarded with more clicks to showtime and that podcast.

  11. This is starting to sound a lot like some of of the radical group Black Hebrew Israelites propaganda. I wouldn’t be surprised if these athletes have fallen into that toxic trap.

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