New York Jets Working Out Matt Araiza Two Weeks After Punter’s Name Was Cleared Of Gang Rape Allegations

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Matt Araiza has landed his first workout with an NFL team since being cut by the Buffalo Bills ahead of last season over gang rape allegations. The New York Jets are giving the free-agent punter a look, according to Adam Schefter.

Matt Araiza was cut by the Bills in August 2022 shortly after an allegation was made public that he had taken part in the gang rape of a minor while attending San Diego State.

Fast-forward nine months to May of this year, and it has been determined that he was not present at the time of the incident that allegedly took place in October 2021.

Matt Araiza Lands Workout With Jets After Rape Allegations Cleared Up

The transcript of a meeting between the accuser and prosecutors was brought to light just over two weeks ago in which investigators explained that they do not believe Araiza was present at the time of the alleged assault.

Prosecutors in the San Diego District Attorney’s Office declined to file criminal charges, but Araiza is still facing a civil suit that he has no plans of settling anytime soon.


Despite that there wasn’t a single fact was known about the alleged incident, the Bills caved to the portion of the public who had already deemed the punter guilty and cut him shortly before the start of the 2022 NFL regular season.

Matt Araiza with Buffalo Bills
Matt Araiza has landed a workout with the New York Jets. (Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images)

Araiza recently joined ‘Tomi Lahren Is Fearless’ and explained that he holds nothing against the Bills for cutting him over what investigators have determined to be false rape allegations.

“I hold nothing against the Buffalo Bills, I wish things were handled differently,” Araiza continued. “But they did treat me with respect, which I appreciate. It’s just the climate of how things are now. Accusations bring so much hate to anyone who stands by the accuser that they were kind of forced to cut me from the team.”

Araiza told Lahren that he believed he would get another shot at the NFL, and it appears that door has been opened now that he’s working out with the Jets.

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