Masks For Dogs Inexplicably Surge In New York Amid Smoke From Canadian Wildfires

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Dogs across New York City are #MaskedUp for the weekend as the hotboxing from Canada continues to persist.

According to the New York Post, mask-wearing for dogs is surging with pet parents posting photos of their face-covered pets.

Meet Charlie, “petfluencer” — yes, those exist — with more than 131,000 followers on Instagram:

“I bought these reusable dog filter masks on Amazon at the beginning of the pandemic when everything was still unknown and I thought my dogs may need extra protection,” Chernick, who experienced “elevated asthma symptoms” Charlie’s mom told The Post.

“I kept them in a safe place since then, and when the air quality in New York was dangerous from the terrible smoke this week, I knew it was the perfect time to use them!” she added.

And, yes, Charlie wears it better than Leo.

(No, we don’t understand why Leo wears a mask in 2023 while out at Lakers games with unmasked strippers.)

Nonetheless, Buddha, a TikTok famous Yorkie, also has Leo beat.

In fact, Buddha pulled a Taylor Lorenz and doubled masked for the walk across New York City:

Another pet mom made her dog’s mask out of KN95s. She thinks nothing is getting her pooch’s lungs:

It’s unclear if there are any pet parents who mask their dog but haven’t posted it on social media.

We’d guess just a small few.

If you are going to signal virtue, it’s best to make it known to those who care: like Gen Z TikTokers. And wealthy liberal white women in NYC, who are also always on TikTok.


Masks didn’t protect humans during Covid-19, the evidence is overwhelming. Likewise, masks aren’t likely to protect dogs from the smoke.

In fact, veterinarian Debra Zoran warns Vox that masking up a dog could prove counterproductive.

“If it’s tight enough to keep particulates from getting around it, they’re not going to go for it because they can’t pant,” said Zoran.

“Their nasal passages and respiratory trees are amazingly resilient to removing those particulates, as long as they’re well hydrated. If the airways get dehydrated, they can’t do their jobs as well.”

So, all this creativity for nothing?

Communist China did that to your kids. Woke Canada did this to our dogs.

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