Mascots Are Now Worshipping Sacramento Kings’ Purple Beam

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The Sacramento Kings’ deity-like, purple victory beam continues to be the NBA’s best story this season.

Few around the league have been able to define the secret sauce to the Kings’ exceptional year. Point to star guard Keegan Murray, key acquisition Domantas Sabonis or coach Mike Brown, and you’ll still be looking for answers as to how one of the worst professional sports franchises became a hot contender heading into the NBA Playoffs.

Sacramento Kings’ Victory Beam Sparks Miraculous Season

Enlightened minds, on the other hand, have pointed to the Kings’ purple victory beam as the key to their success. And by the looks of it, this mysterious beam may hold some kind of spiritual or supernatural effect on people.

Before Saturday’s game against the Utah Jazz, Sacramento’s mascot, Slamson, brought out the purple beam, holding it up like a small-g god before attendees at Golden 1 Center.

Behind Slamson followed a trail of worshippers praising the sacred beam, showing off its mystical influence.

The line of followers consisted of Bulls mascot Benny the Bull, San Antonio Spurs mascot Coyote; Philadelphia 76ers’ Franklin the Dog; Portland’s Blaze the Trail Cat; G-League Stockton Kings mascot Dunkson; and MLB’s Colorado Rockies mascot, Dinger.

As Slamson held up the saber-like purple deity, the worshippers circled it and began to bow down.

Seriously, name a weirder NBA scene from this season.


The Kings introduced their purple victory on September 16, 2022 (“916 Day”). Lighting up the downtown Sacramento sky after every win, the Kings’ victory beam has been the team’s North Star to the playoffs.

After Saturday’s win (thanks to the beam), the Kings can clinch a playoff berth if the Minnesota Timberwolves lose to the Golden State Warriors on Sunday night.

The team with the longest playoff drought in professional sports, 16 seasons, is in position to enter the NBA Playoffs as the third seed in the West.

Crazy stuff.

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