Marshawn Lynch Crashed Lamborghini, Allegedly Fled Scene 6 Months Prior To DUI Arrest

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Marshawn Lynch has not had a good year behind the wheel. Earlier this month the former NFL running back was arrested on a DUI charge in Las Vegas. Six months prior to the DUI, Lynch crashed his Lamborghini around 4:00 AM, according to police documents.


TMZ Sports obtained documents from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department which state: Lynch was driving a 2014 white Lamborghini Aventador on Feb. 22 when he struck a curb before ending up in a landscaped area.

A man claiming to be Lynch’s cousin initially took responsibility for being behind the wheel of the car. Documents, however, say a black van pulled up to the scene and picked someone up.

In the original story, the man told the police “I came in the van,” which obviously doesn’t add up. He then changed his story to explain the van came to pick up a passenger in the car.

Three days after the accident, Lynch came to the traffic bureau and came clean and “took full responsibility for the collision.” He blamed the wreck on being unfamiliar with the area.

As for the explanation of the black van, Lynch told police people showed up at the scene and began videoing him and that he didn’t want to be filmed. Lynch also admitted he didn’t know who the man was that was claiming to be his cousin.

Insane Mugshot Released For Marshawn Lynch’s DUI Arrest In Vegas

He was eventually cited for the crash and cut a plea deal with prosecutors in April. Lynch was ordered to pay $750 in fines and fees.

On August 8, Lynch was arrested on a DUI charge, failure/refusing to surrender proof of security, failure to drive in a travel lane, and having an unregistered vehicle. He was in the driver’s seat of a 2020 Shelby GT500 when the DUI arrest unfolded.

Written by Mark Harris

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