Marshawn Lynch Beach Workout Goes Viral: ‘Swim To Alcatraz, MotherF–ker!’

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Marshawn Lynch was a DOG during his NFL career, but ‘Skittles’ may be even better in his post-playing life.

Lynch gave his camera crew a full NFL beach workout last week in a now-viral video that’s filled with more cuss words than you can count, hundreds of up-downs, a couple pulled hamstrings and enough “DROPS!” to make your head spin.

Settle in for six minutes of Marshawn Lynch magic. And yes, very, VERY NSFW, so make sure those airpods are fully charged.

Marshawn Lynch raises hell during beach workout

I mean, come on. It doesn’t get much better than Marshawn Lynch turning into a drill sergeant and raising hell on the beach in the middle of January.

So many great one-liners here, too. I don’t even know where to begin.

“Who’s gonna be my first b*tch?”

“Wait for my … DROP!”

“This motherf***er pulled a hamstring!”

“Swim to Alcatraz, motherf***er!”

Marshawn Lynch puts crew through intense beach workout.
Marshawn Lynch gives film crew no mercy during beach workout.

How about poor Clarence with the roast beef sandwich, too? Guy’s been doing up-downs for hours, can NOT catch a break for Marshawn, and is on the verge of puking the entire second half of the video.

“Oh, you really hurt? Your glasses off and sh*t?

And then Neil comes in at the very end and just looks DEAD. Poor cat was just looking forward to a once in a lifetime day at the beach with Marshawn Lynch, and instead nearly pissed his pants.

Next time you wanna be an armchair QB on Saturdays and Sundays, think of this video and zip your lips. Us normal humans are physically inferior to professional football players in every possible way.

Happy Monday!

Written by Zach Dean

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