Marshawn Lynch Trucks ESPN’s Seven-Second Delay, Drops Multiple Curse Words Live On-Air

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Pac-12 After Dark went full Pac-12 After Dark on Saturday night when Marshawn Lynch got on the mic. The former Cal-Berkeley running back returned to his alma mater for a crucial conference matchup against Washington and joined the ESPN broadcast during the first half.

Lynch, alongside fellow Golden Bears legend Justin Forsett, were talking about their time in the Bay Area. When the former was asked what he remembered about the latter, he said that he never heard him say a curse word in his life.

Lynch even jokingly pressured Forsett to swear on the broadcast. He declined.

Although Justin Forsett was unwilling to cuss on ESPN, Marshawn Lynch did so without being prompted.

While discussing the current state of the Cal program, the former Seahawks running back said that it bums him out to see the lack of fans in the stands. To do so, however, he did not say fans.

He said “motherf—ers.”

Lynch immediately caught his mistake and recognized what he said in hilarious fashion, which made Forsett crack a smile. But even though he knew he shouldn’t have said “motherf—ers,” Lynch could not stop himself from cursing again.

Moments later, during the same response to the same question, he said “that sh*t.” That time, although Forsett again stifled a laugh, Lynch did not realize that he swore for a second time.

To make things even better, the interview came exactly 16 years and one day after Lynch famously took an injury cart for a joyride on the field.

The reporter asked Lynch if he would do it again.

“If the keys are in there (golf cart), there might be a part two here,” he said.

“Can I get a ride,” the reporter, Tiffany Blackmon, asked.

Lynch, with a sly grin on his face, said that of course she can.

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