Mark Wahlberg Reveals He Left California For Nevada To Give Kids A ‘Better Life’

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Actor Mark Wahlberg has had an extraordinarily successful career, been a part of major film franchises, started a production company, apparel company and even a hamburger based chain.

He’s been successful enough to purchase a massive, $90 million mansion with every possible amenity.

Yet with all of that remarkable financial success and achievement, Wahlberg revealed in a recent interview on The Talk, that he thought his family needed to leave California for a “better life.”

Mark Wahlberg house
Actor Mark Wahlberg and wife Rhea Durham. (FilmMagic)

Wahlberg recently listed his gigantic 20-bathroom mansion in Beverly Hills for sale and relocated just outside of Las Vegas.

According to The New York Post, Wahlberg explained that his kids would have better opportunities to pursue their dreams in Nevada:

“So, to be able to give my kids a better life and follow and pursue their dreams whether it be my daughter as an equestrian, my son as a basketball player, my younger son as a golfer, this made a lot more sense for us.”

He continued, saying that there was a “lot of opportunity” for his kids in Vegas:

“We came here to just kind of give ourselves a new look, a fresh start for the kids, and there’s a lot of opportunity here. I’m really excited about the future.”

California Loses Again

It’s remarkably impressive that California and Los Angeles have been so completely mismanaged that even its wealthiest and most successful residents feel the need to flee the area.

Maybe if Gavin Newsom could focus more on actually governing with a semblance of sanity and not placing advertisements targeting competently run states, this wouldn’t be a consistent problem.

Mark Wahlberg house for sale
Mark Wahlberg’s LA mansion.

Whether it’s the rapidly exploding problem of rampant homelessness in Southern California, the exorbitant state income tax, or endless, rolling mandates in schools, Wahlberg thinks he and his family are better off in the desert than staying in Beverly Hills.

And hundreds of thousands of others have joined him over the past two years.

Mark Wahlberg house golf course
Listed by Kurt Rappaport of Westside Estate Agency / via Zillow

California’s managerial incompetence has led to nearly 1% of the population leaving in just two years.

Now that exodus extends to famous actors too. The only question is how many celebrities will follow.

Listed by Kurt Rappaport of Westside Estate Agency / via Zillow

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