Marco Rubio Blasts NBA For Politicizing Texas School Tragedy While Perpetually Silent on China Atrocities

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United States Senator Marco Rubio has an issue with the NBA.

Rubio pointed out that the league ignores the blood on their own hands while politicizing tragedies in which they are not directly associated with.

More specifically, Rubio called out the league’s pregame actions just prior to Wednesday’s Celtics – Heat Eastern Conference Finals game. Moments before tipoff, Miami’s public address announcer asked for a moment of silence then urged attendees and viewers to call their Senators in support of “commonsense gun laws.”

The in-arena announcer, Michael Baiamonte, then stated the following as relayed by OutKick’s Alejandro Avila: “The Heat urges you to contact your state’s senators by calling 202-224-3121 to leave a message demanding their support for commonsense gun laws. You can also make change at the ballot box. Visit to register and let your voice be heard this fall.”

In response, Rubio fired off a tweet: “The NBA doesn’t like to talk about the billions they make from a China that enslaves Uyghur Muslims and harvests their organs. But they have no problem politicizing a horrific tragedy in America.”

Rubio’s intent was not to downplay the senseless act of violence in Texas, but rather to avoid politicizing it, especially while taking the hypocritical approach of completely ignoring the inhuman treatment, slave labor and genocide taking place in China — the NBA’s cash cow.

As previously noted by OutKick, NBA owners have $10 billion tied to Chinese investments. Because of this, they choose to remain silent about the genocide taking place daily against Uyghur Muslims. The league has refused to speak out or pull their business from China. Money over lives apparently.

And they sure as hell haven’t devoted any pregame moments of silence to those Uyghur Muslims who’s organs have been harvested.

Additionally, 17 NBA players including Golden State’s Klay Thompson and Miami’s Jimmy Butler, make millions of dollars off of the shoes they wear and endorse that are made with Chinese slave labor. Yet, these athletes and the league itself, do not find it fit to speak out about such injustices.

Those are just some of the instances to which Rubio is referencing.

As noted, the NBA continues to ignore worldwide tragedy that directly lines their pockets, but will jump at the opportunity to push their political message when convenient.

Tragedy should not be used as an opportunity for the league to grandstand.

Then again, this is nothing new for the NBA. As Rubio pointed out, it’s now become a trend for the NBA to pick and choose when to speak up and speak out. For those not paying attention, the league specializes in two areas: providing world class basketball and biased political messaging.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. And NBA remains totally silent on, say, the 33 people shot in Chicago last week.

    Why? Because NBA games have pretty much been Democrat Party rallies for two years. The league doesn’t care about these issues. It cares about Democrat power.

    I hope the league learns either by suffering financially or otherwise and apologizes and goes back to non-partisanship.

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