Former NFL Player Marcellus Wiley Reacts To Michigan State Shooting: ‘Stop Blaming The Gun’

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Former NFL defensive end and now sportscaster Marcellus Wiley has shared his thoughts about the tragic Michigan State shooting, and his reaction doesn’t exactly align with the message many in the media collectively share.

Wiley understands that far too many mass shootings take place in the United States. To be clear, one mass shooting is one too many, but instead of immediately blaming the gun, Wiley is urging people to start looking at the individual pulling the trigger.

“We’ve got to stop blaming the gun and start looking at the humans and the individuals who are now responsible with those guns, and unfortunately, like incidents today [at Michigan State], irresponsible with those guns.”

“If you put a gun on a table, it does nothing,” Wiley continued. “It needs a human being to activate. It needs a human being to be that weapon of destruction.”

Wiley went on to explain that banning all guns is not the answer, because in his opinion, “if you ban all the guns only the bad guys are going to get access to guns, because the bad guys are not going to follow the law.”

While Wiley’s opinion is going to trigger plenty of folks out there, especially those at ESPN, his former employer, he’s not the only American who shares this same opinion.

What makes Wiley’s opinion different is that he said it out loud, which is something most of his professional peers wouldn’t dare do.

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  1. There’s also a loose definition of the word “mass” used for political purposes. I agree, any shooting is unfortunate and too much. However, not only should we look at the people using the gun but also the politicians who allows persons with criminal pasts to have access to those weapons. #Michigan liberal politics failed those individuals and that should be a major talking point of this conversation.

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