Mandy Rose: I’ve Made A Fortune Since Being Released By WWE

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Business is officially boomin’ for former WWE star Mandy Rose, who claims she was cut by the company for having a racy photo and video side gig.

The former NXT women’s champion told the New York Post that she’s earned more than $1 million from her FanTime subscription site since her December release when subscribers started paying $40 per month. The results are in from the price increase and let’s just say it’s a good time to be Mandy Rose.

The money is piling up.

Rose, who, in 2015, at 25, landed a spot on WWE’s “Tough Enough” series, eventually signed a talent deal that same year with WWE and began her run through the different levels of competition — she went from “Total Divas” to “Monday Night Raw” to a spot on “SmackDown” and then back to NXT in 2021 where she eventually became the women’s champion.

Former WWE NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose says she’s made over $1 million via a subscription site since the wrestling company released her. / Instagram

The run with the belt came to an end in December when she was told with “no notice” that it was time for her to lose the belt. “For me to lose the title on such a whim on a random Tuesday night with zero storytelling and zero promotion leading up to the match was a shocker. I was very caught off guard,” Rose said during the Post interview.

That was it. Her WWE career was over the next day and it was back to work on the subscription site for the newly unemployed 32-year-old Rose.

Ah, but she was just fine.

Mandy Rose still has 3.4 million followers on Instagram, the FanTime account where fans are paying $40 a month and now there are promotional gigs like promoting vegan-friendly skincare products.

Are there regrets over how things turned out?

Not for Mandy Rose.

“I am grateful and very humbled with everything I’ve done and made at the company [WWE], but in today’s day and age, there are so many other avenues and so many other marketing opportunities, it’s like why can’t I do both?” she added.

“At the end of the day I’m the only one watching out for myself and my career. Everyone’s replaceable in our business – it’s true.”


Folks, it’s beyond time to start realizing you’re a free agent unless a company brings a contract and signs on the dotted line. The WWE insiders say she broke a rule the company set about having subscription accounts. Mandy knew she had to strike at the right time and it might cost her a job.

In the end, the WWE took action to fire its employee and Mandy kept her million-dollar machine subscription business.

It was an eat-or-be-eaten scenario.

“For the next 24 hours join my VIP Fan Page for only $2 !!! 🤑🤑 DON’T MISS OUT!” Mandy wrote on Instagram Monday.

No days off.

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