Man Threatens Rape, Murder In Profane Road Rage Incident In Chattanooga: VIDEO

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A wild road rage incident in Chattanooga, Tennessee was caught on a home security camera. The video shows a man screaming threats and profanities at a woman while she sits in her car in a driveway.

The unidentified man parks his car at the end of the driveway. He then gets out and approaches the woman’s car, which is parked near the house.

As he makes his way to the driver’s side window he immediately starts threatening the driver.

The man screams, “If you ever cut me off again, I’ll beat the f**k out of you!”

He then bangs on the window and continues to yell at the woman, who is with her son. After complaining about her cutting him off he says, “Now I know where you live.”

That’s followed by another threat. The man says “boom” as he points his fingers at the woman in the shape of a gun.

As if all of that wasn’t already enough, the man pulls a door handle off of the car then throws it before returning to his vehicle.

At about this time the owners of the home, who are friends of the woman, come out and confront the man. He has some choice words for them, including a threat of rape. He then hops into his car and drives off.

Here’s the wild security camera footage (which contains a lot of profanity, please be advised):

After the crazy encounter with the angry man, the woman contacted police. She also spoke to a local news outlet about the road rage incident.

The woman told the outlet that she was driving on the highway with her son when a man started following her. She denied his claims that she cut him off and says she went to her friend’s house because she knew they had security cameras.

Chattanooga Police are looking into the incident. Something tells me that throwing around threats like that is going to lead to a mug shot at some point.


Written by Sean Joseph

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