Uber Eats Driver Shoved Off A Bridge During Road Rage Incident

The next time you order food from a delivery service and it’s taking longer than it should, remember this story.

It all went down last week in Cuautitlán Izcalli, Mexico. The Uber Eats driver, who is wearing his helmet, got into an argument with the two occupants of another vehicle.

The apparent road rage incident got heated and eventually turned physical. The driver was pushed by the female from the other vehicle, but let that go. More words were exchanged before it looked like he was going to walk away.

He should have kept walking

Something that was said to the Uber Eats driver caused him to turn back towards the two. He then decided to take a swing at the male. That was a mistake.

After the two traded a few quick punches, the man pushed the Uber Eats driver — only identified as a 26-year-old named Guillermo — over the side of the bridge.

Luckily, if you can call it that, Guillermo only suffered a broken leg from the fall.

Tip a little extra the next time you use a food delivery service. You have no idea what they’re going through to get your food to you. They could literally be getting shoved off of a bridge.

Not all food delivery drivers are heroes

I don’t know who started the road rage incident. It very well could have been the Uber Eats driver’s fault, but I’m siding with him and all food delivery drivers. Why? Because I don’t want to get off the couch and go get my own food.

And the other guy was driving a red car. I don’t know if this translates to Mexico, but there’s something to be said about those who drive red cars.

If you drive a red car, don’t take it personally, but there’s a reason they charge you more for car insurance. You tend to be a little more on the aggressive side.

Written by Sean Joseph


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  1. I’ve honestly never ordered from Uber Eats, Grubhub, Post Mates, or any delivery service. One, I find it to be a rip off. Two, you know damn well half the drivers are going to eat some of your fries. Three, I don’t find it to be too much of a pain in the ass to go pick up my own food. Four, all these companies are ripping off the restaurants, especially the small businesses. It also seems faster to go pick up your own food anyway. This whole food delivery fad is a relic of pandemic culture. If I’m gonna sit on my ass at home I’d rather whip up something myself.

  2. Agreed, it’s kinda like the window lickers who wear a completely useless mask and get a completely useless vaccine simply because they’re told to. That’s kinda what I relate the grub hub, Uber eats crowd to. They way over pay for borderline decent food to be delivered to them because they heard it was cool…now if I’m at a hotel I will pay to have dominos or Pizza Hut deliver me a pizza, but I’m just not involving a 3rd party into the equation.

    • Yeah, and I stay in hotels semi-frequently. I’ll usually just walk to whatever food spot is nearby. And for pizza it makes sense because that’s been around forever and the drivers work for the shop. But even then, if they say 45-60 min for delivery, I’ll just go pickup in 20.

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