Man Runs Into Middle Of New Zealand Horse Race, Lives To Be Arrested

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COVID is old news in New Zealand where horse racing is packing in thousands of fans, including one guy who decided he would run onto the Trentham race track during the eighth race of Friday’s Wellington Cup. Thoroughbreds roared down the homestretch as the unidentified man decided to see if this was the day he was going to die.

Let’s get to the video and see what happened as the horses headed for the finish line.

“He was lucky he didn’t get run over,” jockey Danielle Johnson told the New Zealand Herald. “Most of us didn’t see him until late.”

New Zealand horse racing commentator Andrew Bensley echoed Johnson’s sentiment. “Incredible vision at Trentham. Jockeys should be congratulated for the feat on not cleaning up the person standing on the track!” he wrote on Twitter.

According to New Zealand media outlets, the man was arrested and charged with “criminal nuisance, in doing an act endangering public safety.” One eyewitness reports the man jumped a fence around the finish line and decided to play chicken.

“There was quite a bit of outcry from the crowd when they were taking him away,” the eyewitness said.

Crazy fans at sporting events are officially BACK!

Written by Joe Kinsey

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