Maggie Sajak Is Ready To Handle The ‘Wheel’, Patrick Mahomes Is Jealous & Big Js Say Bye To Dennis Eckersley

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Which one of you bought a Peloton during COVID?

Six months. That’s how long Peloton has to live as a stand-alone company, according to CEO Barry McCarthy, as another 500 people will be slashed from payroll as it’s now a fight for survival for the stationary bike company.

And here I am wondering what will happen to all those Peloton race leaders who provide the likes of ESPN’s Ed Werder with his workouts. Will Hannah, the instructor who scored a “perfect 10” from Ed before the losers forced Ed to delete his tweet?

In an attempt to stop the bleeding, Peloton’s big plan, as it was announced last week, is to start selling its bikes in Dick’s before the holidays. Remember when women were pissed off over the commercial where a Peloton was gifted to a fictional wife?

And now, to save the company, Peloton is banking on men buying these for their wives at Dick’s?

You might as well stick a fork in Peloton. The company is dead. It’s inevitable. And hopefully those of you who bought the stock at the top back in 2020 were smart enough to run for the hills.

Jon C.’s vicious troll attempt at the Hildeeee supporters will not work

• JT writes:

Here’s a quick hit on John C yesterday. Nice try, John. The picayune lib libs at your homeowner’s association might be easy to troll, but this is screencaps nation. We’re going to keep on prioritizing the awesome and not get into a shouting match with the trolls. It’s time to mow on Thursday, tip our grass stained hats to the ladies and cruise into another blessed weekend of college football.

Cheers everyone.

• Don J. writes:

Come on gang! Sure wish there was more Hildee pics instead of Dan Dakitch popping up every time we log on to Outkick!

Oh wow, now we have Mark D. taking a shot at Beau in Toledo as Hildeeeee chaos erupts

• Mark D., who was the original emailer to take notice of Hildeeeee’s belly button writes back:

Ten days later and Hildee and her belly button are still getting comments.  People may not agree with my take but it has more legs than anything I’ve seen in the Screencaps community in quite a while. Beau may call me a “douchecanoe” for noticing her enormous navel cavity, but that sword swallower never says anything worthwhile in his late-night drunken rants. Try sending something sober sometime sunshine.  You might make an impact.  Till next time Joe. Go Bengals!

We’re close to an 8-man tag-team match straight out of the Ric Flair vs. Dusty Rhodes days breaking out here.

Fall is in the air

• John L. writes:

Hi Joe.  I took the attached photo coming down Bovina mountain this afternoon as the skies were finally clearing.

Regarding wood prices, they have a great deal in nearby Fleischmans, NY:  You drive over to the wood guy’s yard, back your small SUV into his huge shed, and fill up with as many split pieces as you want for $75 (more for a pick up truck).  I can fit a “face cord”, which is one stacked row 4 feet tall and 8 feet long.

Put me down for 24 out of the 34 “travel sights”.  It helps that some 50+ years ago my father would be attending a conference in California or Colorado during the summer and the whole family loaded up the Ford van and drove cross country, camping in many of the national parks along the way.

Dayton food suggestions

• Michael J., who runs Gauntlet leagues, writes:

I will be hitting up a Dave Matthews Band concert at the Nutter Center in November.  So I gotta ask if there’s a place you recommend for food in Dayton.  Either a place we can hit up before the show or afterward. 

This really depends on where you’re staying and how far you’re willing to go for that food. Downtown Dayton actually has multiple options, which is impressive for a Rust Belt city of this size. Personally, for a DMB show, if I’m staying downtown, I’m going to Warped Wing and getting beers and sandwiches. Uber to the show. Or DD it. Another great option not terribly far is Tank’s near the University of Dayton. It doesn’t look like much, but you’re going to have a great time. It’s a classic dive feel with a big variety of customers from grandparents all the way down to the 21-year-old UD basketball bros getting drunk. Fun place.

Now, if you want something fancy, you’ll have to ask some of our more elite Daytonians who are reading this.

Seasoning your wood from a wood-seasoning veteran

• Jeff M. writes:

Wood seasoning depends on the species and the condition it’s in when cut.  Generally speaking I let it cure at least a year if it’s green when I cut it.  Don’t worry about covering during this time, leave it in the weather and let nature do its thing.  I don’t usually have to worry as I’m cutting mostly dead stuff on my 11 acres.

Since we’re throwing out bonafides, I burn 4.5-5.5 cords a year, all split with a monster maul (limb wood cut with a buzz saw).  Grew up with a wood stove, started running a chainsaw 34 years ago when I was 11 years old (Homelite xl limbing saw I inherited from dad and still use today).

• Mike T. in Idaho writes:

On the subject of seasoning firewood, I grew up with a Dad who was a forester and we burned wood to help heat the house. House rules were “ Wood needs to be split and stacked, covered for minimum 1 year.

In 2013 we visited Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. We took a small group tour in a van from Munich. I was lucky enough to grab the passenger front seat and talk with the driver on the way. We passed through forested land the majority of the trip and I commented on how clean the forest floor was, as all the trees that fell over were cut and stacked for firewood.

I asked how long they seasoned the wood “ Three years, it’s the law” said the driver. I asked what happened if you burned it after two years, he looked at me and said” Why would you ever do that “

Indy Daryl is on the move again

• Not only is Indy Daryl constantly on the move at home with his new work-from-home treadmill that he cranks up to get his steps in, but now he’s heading back out on the road with the family:

Congrats on all the success at Outkick! SC, in particular, has been such a bright spot in my daily routine.  Watching all the growth sure has been fun to watch, especially seeing all the new writers in the last several months. Can’t wait for all that is to come, I’m sure it will be great.

Headed back to northern Wisconsin this afternoon since the kids have fall break next week (a huge perk of WFH is sometimes home means a cabin in the woods!!). That meant I needed to get a mow in before I left and I couldn’t have asked for better weather yesterday to sneak one in. I did something different and was curious what others thought: I dropped the mower height one notch since I will be gone next week. My thought was that it might be less gnarly upon my return. Is this standard practice? Should I have left my normal deck height and dealt with the consequences? Did I just destroy my yard? 

Hope everyone has a great day and go Broncos!

Remember, TNML runs through October 20. It’s up to you whether you finish strong or allow someone else to walk away with the team title

Crazy Keith Olbermann has moved on from Clay

• Heywood J. writes:

Long live the new king.

Crock Pot advice

• BT C. in Pinckney, MI writes:

Take cheapest cut of beef roast you can find. 3-6 lbs total weight. Put in crockpot.

Empty one large jar (16-25oz) of pepperoncini / banana peppers with pickling juice, whatever spiciness you want, into the crockpot

Add one 12-16 oz can of beef broth

4-5 cloves of garlic, just peeled and maybe smashed

Cook low for 6-10 hours.

Bam. Chicago Italian beef, easy. Serve with rolls, buns, over baked potatoes, tater tots, etc. I personally like on a good sub roll with some provolone and some giardiniera, but pepper relish also works nice. Dip in the crockpot leftover liquid for that authentic Chicago beef-type experience.

That sounds AMAZING.

What a morning. There are a million things going on and I’m running out of time this morning to pack them all into this edition of Screencaps. So let’s cut it off right here. You guys dig in. Debate whether Maggie Sajak should take her dad’s job or Vanna’s job and let’s go have a great day.

I have a guy tiling the basement wall — yes, this project is finally getting done. I have Zoom calls to be on. It’s busy, busy, busy.


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