ESPN’s Ed Werder Rates His Peloton Instructor Hannah A ‘Perfect 10’ In Deleted Tweet

Veteran ESPN NFL journalist Ed Werder knows great athletic performances and one was in front of his eyes Tuesday via his Peloton screen.

In a very sweet, and deleted tweet, the 62-year-old Werder shouted out his “favorite” Peloton coach, Hannah Corbin, after she led Ed and other riders through a workout using a Kenny Chesney playlist and it was just an incredible experience for a guy who has seen some things during his journalistic career.

“Favorite [Peloton] coach [Hannah Corbin] dressed in the aqua color of the Caribbean sea and literally let her hair down for a ride dedicated to [Kenny Chesney] playlist that the music star helped curate. A rare perfect 10 score from me,” Ed penned while getting a screenshot of Hannah at work.

Then, in an absolutely absurd move, Ed deleted the tweet. The haters came for Ed’s head.

Ed Werder deleted tweet Peloton instructor 10
For some reason, longtime NFL writer Ed Werder deleted this tweet where he gave his Peloton instructor Hannah Corbin a perfect 10 rating / Twitter

That might be one of the greatest paragraphs Ed has written in his life and it 100% shouldn’t have been deleted.

From what can be deciphered from tweets that are out there, losers, who thought Ed was horned up over Hannah, came for the ESPN vet over his tweet.

It’s yet another sickening move by the losers who refuse to allow people to live their lives and throw out perfect 10 scores.

I don’t want to live in a world where Ed can’t appreciate a beautiful Peloton instructor who is force-fed into his brain by Peloton’s scientists who research this stuff and know men will jump on those bikes to visit with the likes of Hannah. Ed’s been on well over 500-plus rides. This is his world. He knows the instructors. Maybe too well.

But for Ed to throw around a 10 is saying something and it can’t be anything but helpful for Hannah’s Peloton career. Ed’s clearly a Peloton influencer and a rating like this gets back to the Peloton brass.

Ed’s not some fly-by-night Peloton rider who got into the activity like some suburban housewife locked down by COVID. Ed was on his bike way back in 2015. He’s an OG.

Ignore the haters, Ed. Now give us your Top 10 Peloton Instructors list.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.

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  1. Dear Customers,
    We will be using smoking hot women, and men, to lure, entice, motivate, or whatever it takes to make money. We are a business, after all. We know what sells. Sex. Always has, always will. Enjoy.
    OnlyFans, and a million other ways, including Instagram. It’s all pretty much the same. But, Ed, an older straight white male dared compliment a beautiful woman, an employee, a company. AND THATS THE PROBLEM FOR THESE HATEFUL PEOPLE COMMENTING ON ED.
    This story is about hating older, straight white males. If Ed had been A TRANNY, OR ANY DRAG QUEEN, commenting on another person, no problem. It is a “New World Order” problem. It’s deep, and it’s very real. I can’t emphasize how much the LGBTQRS, and 20 and 30 year-olds HATE older SWM.
    Lastly, Ed’s comment was an evaluation of the WHOLE SESSION, not just the hot chick. Of course, we SCREENCAPPERS are the only ones that understand this.

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