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No big deal, I had a sheet of particle board fly up at me while driving on I-75 and it could’ve been bad

What was supposed to be a trip to pick up the dog at the groomer turned into a casual Tuesday night pulling over at a gas station to see if there was damage from a sheet of particle board — my best guess is that it was a four-foot square — flew up under the car in front of me which shot it airborne and right into the front of my wife’s van and then it exploded.

You’re damn right that’s a long opening paragraph. I had to get it all out of my system as I relive what at first I thought was a piece of plywood flying at me. Thankfully, the wood gods made it particle board and didn’t send it flying into the windshield at 70 mph, especially with the kids in the car.

It appears most of the damage can be buffed out, but there does appear to be some separation between the front bumper and the left fender.

We’ll survive.

Still, it was one of those moments.

Here we goooooooo — Mike T. and Cindy T. are preparing to leave on their winter European adventure

It’s the trip you guys have been waiting for ever since the Ts returned home from their 2021-22 winter Mexican adventure when Mike T. would drive us nuts with his Mexican food reports. Now it’s time for six months in Europe.

“I told Tour guide Cindy I would never return to Europe,” Mike T. writes about their 2019 European adventure that lasted over 10 months.

They leave Sunday.

You’re in luck — the Ts have a website for this trip where you can follow along and get those patented T updates from all sorts of restaurants off the beaten path.

What’s your process for seasoning your wood?

• Mike B. asks a question that should get many of you fired up this morning:

Really love all the wood pile talk! Who would have ever thought this would be the topic that just keeps going! Anyways, I think maybe we need to take the next step and discuss the proper way to season your firewood. My wife laughed at me when I told her that we needed to season wood before we burn it… especially indoors. Would love to hear from Steve in Canada on this topic. My man definitely has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to firewood. Not sure if this is the next natural step of this conversation, but I thought I would throw it out to the boys… and girls in screencaps nation. (Had to call out the ladies here. Gave a presentation at work last week, killed it, got 600 sales people amped up and was told I talked to Bro-ey on the call because I didn’t use the correct pronouns)

So what’s everyone’s process to season your wood?

Screencaps Woodmaster Diesel in Lambertville, MI tells me via text that he buys his wood preseasoned. “It’s at least six months old and weather,” D writes.

How much are you paying for wood?

• Jim M writes:

Hey Joe, just wanted to chime in on the wood discussion. Just wondering what everyone is paying around Screencaps nation? I got a cord delivered yesterday, (remember I’m in RI). $250. Usually go through 3 cord per year.

Normally do 1 to 2 cords myself but my back gave out last year. I’d send u a picture of the seed popping up on my front lawn but the remnants from Ian have been hanging out for the last 3 days. Just curious about different prices across this great nation!

Again, I reached out to Screencaps Woodmaster Diesel in SE Michigan who sent over the price sheet for what he’s paying. A “Deluxe Hardwood Mix” of oak, maple, cherry and other hardwoods is selling for $275 a cord plus $35 for delivery. He adds, “Remember, you still can’t transport wood over the Ohio-Michigan line so we are limited.”

The transporting wood thing is due to the ash borer beetle.

Hildeeeeee emails just keep coming

• Jon C. in California writes:

I’ve been here since Outkick restarted. Stayed for screencaps I look forward to it every morning. I’ve been fired about about hildee but couldn’t be bothered till beau in Toledo fired off his email this morning, so here’s my 2 cents: I’m pretty sure Hildee is a midget, has huge feet and a weird belly button.

Also, her face is always photoshopped. Forget these clown chicks with photoshopped faces. Keep those big booties coming! And to really get everyone fired up I’m from California.

All of you are in luck. Scroll down. Hildeeeeee has new pics for the community to analyze.

How many have you seen?

• BT C from Pinckney, MI writes:

Loved the “travel sights” retweet.. I was blessed that growing up, my dad (RIP, Pops) loved traveling and made sure we took vacations to see a lot of the great tourists sites of the USA– one of his favorite things was just he and I going once a year on a weekend to a city that the Tigers or Cubs (his adopted hometown team from his college days in Chicago during the late 60s / early 70s) were playing in and seeing a game and the local tourist sites.

Additionally, that carried over to my own adult life, and when I was working for the USAF as a civilian, I was routinely on the road for work, and got to see a bunch of other things that wouldn’t have been on my Dad’s to-do list. Looking at the list, I’ve visited in person: Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon, WDW, Space Needle, Hollywood Sign, LV Strip, Times Square, Pikes Peak, Chicago River, Wash Monument, GG Bridge, River Walk, Niagara Falls, Mall of America, Gateway Arch, Empire State Bldg, Rd to Hana, The Alamo, Wright Bros Memorial, White House, Liberty Bell, Central Park, Arlington Cemetery, St Augustine, Lake Tahoe, Alcatraz. (25/34) Coming up within the next two years I plan to add Yellowstone, Everglades, Mt Rushmore, Yosemite, and maybe South Beach.

Also, forgot to mention… just got back from work trip to Maui (yeah, yeah… not a boondoggle. I was working 12-14 hr days– basically leave the hotel at sunrise, return after sunset.

No time for beach or drink, just get some grub and shuteye before day repeats)… Protip for those going to Hawaii– there’s a Costco 5 minutes away from the Maui airport. Best place to get deal on chocolate macadamia nut treats, real Hawaiian pineapples (when I went they had both Maui Gold and Royal Hawaiian from Oahu varieties, $3.69 each as opposed to $37 for the three pack you can get at the airport!!), beer for the condo, and… wait for it… the food court has mainland prices.

Yep, in the middle of paradise, you can get your $1.50 hot dog + drink combo, cheap pizza slices, and chicken bake and not get raked over the coals price wise. Try to find even a bad hotdog on island for less than $3 if you’re not cooking it yourself. Good luck. Even sausage trucks at the microbreweries are charging $8-10 for a brat.

Get ready to buy a used car with the cash you’ve been saving

• I need to go back and look at the emails from you guys on the exact timing of your predictions, but it looks like you’ve been vindicated.

It feels like Harvey D. & Beau in Toledo could cross paths at some point

• Harvey D. writes about the chairs Beau sat in at the Toledo homecoming game in the presidential suite:

Installed those comfy leather-wrapped bad boys 10 or 12 yrs ago. I will say the view is awesome and those things will nap pretty damn well. I am glad he enjoyed.

The griddle life

• Guy G., one of the most respected voices around here, writes after learning I bought a Traeger:

I know you’re a laid-back patio guy, and prefer to lounge while sipping Busch and watching the outdoor screens. I must object to your refusal to get a Blackstone. I’m not even saying you should get the big one, with triple air fryers underneath. I’m just saying you should consider one. Even if you got one for the top of your gas grill.

I picked mine up during COVID shutdowns, in order to provide Fair Food at our annual party. Everyone had been deprived, so frying and making other unhealthy food was the goal. Philly cheesesteaks were a breeze, even in bulk. I even used it this year as a warmer for my brisket and ribs, and sliced everything there too.

It isn’t all about hibachi and breakfast. It’s great for quick jobs, to get the family fed quickly. Sure I use mine a lot more for entertaining and getting a little fancy, but it has been my go-to now for two years, when it’s 7pm already, and no one has eaten.

It’s worth a consideration. I have a smoker dedicated just for jerky or cheese, and it’s rarely used. Not all of my now 10 cooking implements get used every day, but all are loved, and have a purpose. (Wife picked me up a new Weber, even though I haven’t built her that outdoor shower yet. I was supposed to be banned from getting a new grill until then).

I have to be perfectly honest, here in NW Ohio we’re facing the earliest freeze in the last decade and I’ve moved from Traeger SZN to Air Fryer and Crock Pot SZN. Scroll down to the food section. Huge pots of creamy chicken & noodles and casseroles have my full attention.

They’re talking a frost delay for Saturday’s golf outing I’m playing in. I’ll have to save this griddle stuff for next May.

And with that, it’s time to get rolling.


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