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A TikTok star won a bare knuckle fight

It’s a truly bizarre time for combat sports. There are influencer fights these days raking in a ton of cash. Jake Paul is beating up on over the hill MMA fighters, it’s nuts.

Nothing has been crazier than what happened on Friday night in Albuquerque, New Mexico. YouTuber and TikTok star Bryce Hall stepped into the ring at a Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship event and fought a guy with a 3-0 record with the promotion.

This wasn’t a sideshow influencer filled fight, or a fight on the undercard of a Floyd Mayweather exhibition. This was a legit fight. Hall took on Gee Perez in the co-main event at BKFC 48.

Ten seconds into the fight, Hall knocked Perez down. For his part, Perez popped right up and didn’t appear to have suffered too much damage from the knockdown.

At the end of Round 1, Perez was seen holding his left elbow. He would go back out for Round 2, but was pretty much a one-armed fighter. He avoided Hall as much as he could during the round and wasn’t able to do much.

The fight was stopped prior to Round 3 due to Perez’s elbow injury. The 23-year-old influencer won his first BKFC fight against a previously unbeaten fighter due to a medical stoppage.

Is Hall going to rip through the best that the BKFC has to offer? I highly doubt that, but the fact that he stepped in there, knocked the guy down, and didn’t get his own head knocked off is pretty impressive.

He won a bare knuckle fight.

Kevin Brown returned to the Orioles booth and said nothing about his suspension

As bizarre as an influencer stepping into the ring against a bare knuckle fighter and walking away with a win is, things were just as bizarre in the Orioles booth on Friday night.

Baltimore Orioles play-by-play announcer Kevin Brown was reportedly suspended for talking about some facts regarding the team’s record against the Tampa Bay Rays back in June. The management didn’t like those facts and he was absent from the team’s broadcast for almost two weeks.

The Orioles never addressed the supposed suspension, or the reports of why Brown was missing from the team’s broadcast booth. All they said was that it was a personal matter.

Orioles fans and other members of the media were not happy about the suspension, especially if it was for simply reporting some facts about the team that they didn’t like.

Brown was back in the booth on Friday night and was supposed to address the situation. He did not do so on air.

Hours prior to the start of the game he did release a statement on social media, but when the broadcast started the expected statement was nowhere to be found.

The Orioles, despite their winning, continue to be an insanely bizarre franchise.

Largent 88, 89

• Rob D. writes:

Good Morning! Long time SC reader and occasional emailer to Joe, I was a Cop in the Seattle area for 22 years, grew up in North Seattle then Renton area, now semi-retired in Little Elm, Texas near Denton, north of Dallas.

I’m still a huge Seahawks fan, have been my whole life, my Dad was a Season Ticket Holder starting in ’76 and he kept those seats for years. Back in the late 80’s we had Seahawks trading cards supplied to local Law Enforcement to give out to kids, we got these things by the case load. I guess I kept a few, found a bunch not too long ago, ended up framing some, including the two of Steve Largent you see attached. The back of the 88 cards has no info on SL, just a ‘stay off drugs, Kids’ thing from DARE.

Just thought you might like seeing these. Can’t wait for the throwback uniforms coming in October. Not sure why you’re a Seahawks fan (or maybe must a Largent fan), but I enjoy seeing what you post at the end of your SC posts.

Thanks for great SC content, you did a great job filling in for Joe and I enjoy your weekend posts.
Stay Frosty and GO HAWKS!

Thanks for sending this over Rob. These are great.

Long story, short on Largent. I’m not a fan of the Seahawks, although I do keep an eye on them from time to time to see how they’re doing.

My grandmother lived in the Seattle area for decades and I just kind of picked him up as one of my favorite players at an early age.

What a week

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Joe will be back, well rested and refreshed, on Monday morning.

I have to say that while doing Screencaps on a daily basis is a ton of work, this week has also been a lot of fun. The Screencaps community is one of a kind.

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