Mack Brown Says 15 Schools Are Tampering With A UNC Starter

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More than a dozen schools are reportedly tampering with a UNC football player.

Head coach Mack Brown revealed Friday that 15 schools are currently offering money to an unnamed starter to leave the Tar Heels.

While Mack didn’t name the player, it doesn’t take a genius to analyze UNC’s roster and realize there’s only one player that could command that kind of attention and money being thrown his way.

It has to be superstar quarterback Drake Maye. There’s not another player on UNC’s roster that you could justifiably argue 15 schools throwing money at.

Are teams tampering with UNC QB Drake Maye? (Photo by David Jensen/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

However, it’s very easy to believe that level of tampering is happening with Drake Maye. The phenom dual-threat QB finished the regular season with 41 total touchdowns and nearly 4,500 yards of offense. Not only did he dominate through the air, but he also led the team in rushing.

The young man is a freak of nature, and there’s serious speculation he could be the first pick in the 2024 NFL draft. Is there seriously anyone else on the team that it could be other than Maye? After looking at the stats across the board on both sides of the ball, I don’t see a single name that matches his. Brown just should have come out and named the player so we wouldn’t have to speculate.

We’ll see if there’s anyone who jumps ship in the coming days from UNC, but I’d be very nervous right now if you’re a fan of the Tar Heels. If Maye leaves, which people have no reason to believe will happen right now, the offense will collapse. That’s simply a fact.

Written by David Hookstead

David is a college football fanatic who foolishly convinces himself every season the Wisconsin Badgers will finally win a national title. Has been pretending to be a cowboy ever since the first episode of Yellowstone aired.

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  1. Yes … it could well be Drake Maye … BUT “fan boy” you overlook that Drake Maye – like Arch Manning – is NOT your typical “go to the highest bidder” NIL mercenary. His family has deep roots w/ UNC and are motivated by more than $$$$$$.
    Your usual knee-jerk superficial “message board monkey” reporting.

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