LSU Player Sa’Myah Smith Faints At White House

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There was a frightening moment while the LSU women’s basketball team was visiting the White House on Friday. During the ceremony, freshman forward Sa’Myah Smith fainted during President Joe Biden’s remarks.

You can see some commotion over the president’s shoulder where the LSU players, coaches, and staff were standing. Then, when it was clear that something was amiss, Biden assured the audience that everything was okay. He proceeded to stand onstage awkwardly for several minutes. Meanwhile, Smith was tended to and eventually taken out of the room in a wheelchair.

“That’s not the first time that’s happened, Biden said, once things had settled down. Although he did feel it was necessary to clarify: it wasn’t the first time this had happened in general. Not specifically to Sa’Myah Smith.

Thanks, Joe…

According to The New York Post, when this happened before, staff took the person to the White House’s onsite doctor’s office.

LSU’s eventful ceremony also included Joe Biden — either accidentally or purposely — leaving out one of his granddaughters during remarks about the progress of women’s sports.

Yeah, the irony that his party is trying to undo a lot of that progress wasn’t lost on most of us.

The LSU Tigers’ visit to the White House didn’t come without controversy. Star player Angel Reese previously slammed First Lady Jill Biden for suggesting that the Iowa Hawkeyes — who LSU defeated to win their national title — should be invited to the White House too.

Biden and Reese shared a hug on Friday, although that was after the First Lady accidentally called her “Angela.”

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