LSU Star Angel Reese Rips Jill Biden For Wanting To Invite Iowa To White House Even Though Hawkeyes Lost

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Angel Reese thinks it’s a joke that Jill Biden would invite the national runners-up to the White House alongside the Women’s NCAA Tournament Champions. The LSU star said so herself.

While speaking at the Colorado state capital in Denver on Monday, the First Lady praised Iowa’s sportsmanship in their national championship loss and praised both teams for their performance. Had she left it there, it would have been one thing.

But she didn’t leave it there.

Jill Biden suggested that she would speak to her husband about bringing the Hawkeyes — who did not win the game — to the White House alongside the Bayou Bengals — who won the game. Seriously.

I know we’ll have the champions come to the White House, we always do. So, we hope LSU will come. But, you know, I’m going to tell Joe I think Iowa should come, too, because they played such a good game.

— First Lady Jill Biden

Could Jill Biden have been speaking semi-facetiously? Sure. She may have been using the opportunity to praise Caitlin Clark and Iowa as a larger conversation continues around Reese’s celebration at the end of Sunday’s game.

It doesn’t really matter. The First Lady indirectly invited the national runners-up to join the national champions at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, even if she didn’t really mean it.

Should it happen, and both teams are invited, it would be a first. Never before has the team that lost a national championship or major sporting event gone to the White House.

For example, that would be like inviting the Philadelphia Eagles to celebrate the Super Bowl loss alongside the Kansas City Chiefs. Unprecedented, to say the least.

Reese, who is at the center of a back-and-forth within the media, couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Jill Biden’s remarks. Her response made it very clear how she feels about the pseudo Iowa invite.

The White House has not said whether President Biden will also extend an invitation to the Hawkeyes. It did not even begin to clarify whether the two teams would visit together or separately if they both receive an invitation.

Where President Biden and the White House did not have a decision to make before, it does now!

Will Iowa receive an invite to Washington D.C.? Would the runners-up even accept?

Written by Grayson Weir

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  1. I have to side Angel here!!! Jill is a teacher, champion of the participation medal and grading on a curve because of here failures as a teacher. “To the victor belong the spoil” William L Marcy. ” If you ain’t first your last” Ricky Bobby

  2. This is dumb. Losers don’t get to visit the White House. I agree with Angel but I don’t understand all the animosity towards Clarke. Had they played/beat South Carolina I don’t think we’d be seeing this same reaction. From the outside looking in, it appears Angle is jealous some white girl has been getting all the attention and she feels some type of way about it. All her shit talking is based on Clarke supposedly slighting another team (Louisville). I watched the 2nd half of the natty and didn’t see Clarke talking shit to any LSU players. Angel did not like the fact an Iowa school of essentially all white girls went out and beat an all-black SC team. That’s the crux of this beef. I guarantee you she is 100% on board with everything Dawn Staley said.

  3. This is the leftists and Biden’s ‘Equity’ being played out. Instead making sure everyone has an equal opportunity (equality) the Bidens and the left demand all outcomes be equal (equity). So there are no winners. Just everybody being mediocre, in the middle. Dragging the best down to the level of the not best. LSU is the champ. They should be the only representative at the White House.

    Once upon a time, America strove for greatness and loved it’s champions. Today? America strives for mediocrity and applauds it.

  4. WHO KNEW … that a gangly white gal from Des Moines IA could be the match that ignites America’s inevitable Race War?

    Will Caitlin Clark join Archduke Ferdinand of Austria among History’s Chosen …. ????

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