Louisville’s Hailey Van Lith Says People Only Talked About Heated Handshake Because It’s Women’s Basketball

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Louisville’s Hailey Van Lith says that people wouldn’t be talking about the tense post-game handshake she shared with. Texas’ Sonya Morris because it happened after a women’s basketball game.

If you missed it, the exchange happened after Van Lith’s Cardinals defeated the Longhorns by a comfortable score of 73-51

You know it’s been a hell of a week when that’s the second-most insane thing to happen during a women’s hoops postgame handshake.

After the game, Van Lith chalked the exchange up to how sports can get heated. I think the vast majority of people figured this was the case.

In fact, most people love this kind of thing.

However, a couple of days later, ahead of Lousiville’s meeting with Ole Miss on Friday, Van Lith said the moment got so much attention because it happened during a women’s basketball game.

Lousiville star Hailey Van Lith’s post-game handshake with Texas’ Sonya Morris got drawn out because it happened after a women’s basketball game. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

Van Lith Said The Moment Got Attention Because It Happened During A Women’s Game

“I mean that happens in the NBA game every single day,” Van Lith said according to ESPN. “Just because it was women’s basketball, they’re going to drag it out and it’s a whole deal. But, you know, it really wasn’t a big deal and people are trying to stretch.”

She might have a point. I still think part of the reason that video go so much attention was that the camera was right in the middle of it (which, by the way, that cameraperson deserves a raise; that’s how it’s done).

But even if people are harping on the incident because it happened during a women’s game, is that a bad thing?

There’s no such thing as bad press, and if that fiery moment got people to check out some women’s hoops where’s the issue?

I’d argue that this was a great look for women’s hoops. It showed to anyone who doubted it that the same intensity exists in their game.

No one got hurt or charged with anything (which can’t be said for every handshake incident lately) and it got eyes on women’s hoops.

Seems like a win for everyone.

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