BGSU Women’s Basketball Player Gets Sucker-Punched By Angry Memphis Player; Police Investigating Strike

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Bowling Green women’s basketball defeated the Memphis Tigers, 73-60, Thursday night, which ended with a player getting punched in the face and a pending police investigation.

As both teams went down the handshake line after the game, BGSU’s Elissa Brett exchanged words with Memphis’ Jamirah Shutes.

Shutes then punched Brett in the face, jolting the Falcons player who hit the floor, prompting teammates and team personnel to help.


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A Memphis player grabbed Shutes and escorted her off the court as neighboring players appeared shocked by the abrupt attack.

Bowling Green released a statement on the incident, noting that the police will investigate the matter.

“Bowling Green State University Athletics does not make comments about active police investigations,” BGSU said in a statement. “Our priority is with the health, safety and support of our student-athletes.”

Memphis’ social media turned off comments when they posted the game’s final score.

BGSU advanced to face Florida in the WNIT quarterfinals at Stroh Center in Bowling Green.

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  1. “A Memphis player grabbed Shutes and escorted her off the court as neighboring players appeared shocked by the abrupt attack.”

    It’s surprising the players are “shocked” by this behavior after what happened in the handshake line of another recent game, as the Texas player hissed repeated trash talk at the Louisville player.

    If these handshake lines are mandatory, the coaches may consider making them voluntary for “the health, safety and support” of the players.

  2. Shutes has an easy out. She’ll claim Brett called her a racial slur and the left wing sports media will side with her assaulting this girl. The White girl will end up having to make an apology.

  3. Thank goodness we have Outkick and FoxNews to make aware of this daily activity by the 13%ers. If the colors were reversed, all of the other propaganda media(are you listening, ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, et. al), would make this a hate crime and try to cancel the actual victim, but since it’s a typical 13%er, they’ll sweep this under the rug by not even writing or showing this.

  4. Memphis…figures. You all beat me to it, but I second the comments on it being a hate crime and what the left-wing media reaction would be if the roles were reversed. This would be RAA-CIST and the corrupt, leftist propaganda media networks would be running it 24/7 telling us how RAACIST white people are and all that, like the Duke volleyball hoax.

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