Mob Of Masked Thieves Ransack Los Angeles Macy’s Store

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Terrifying video shows a massive mob ransacking a Los Angeles Macy’s location, and it’s the latest example of crime being out of control.

A mob of masked criminals took over the Sherman Oaks store Thursday afternoon, according to the New York Post, and the video of the incident is nothing short of horrifying.

The group can be seen ransacking and clearing the store out before all running away. While it’s impossible to say for sure because of people covering up their faces, it appeared the mob mostly consisted of males in their teens and 20s.

You can watch a video of the incident unfolding below.

Mob of thieves overtakes Los Angeles Macy’s store.

This is just the latest sign things are truly out of control. There are countless examples of roving gangs of criminals ransacking and robbing stores.

Crime is so bad in some areas that stores are just shutting down instead of trying to fight it. Those that are staying open have resorted to drastic tactics to try to stop being picked clean.

A San Francisco Walgreens went viral for locking up ice cream. Ice cream is under lock and chain!

As a society, we simply can’t tolerate lawless behavior. It can’t be tolerated. Massive mobs overtaking stores and robbing them is a sign law and order has failed.

California recently formed a new task to combat this nonsense. It’s made up of the LA Police Department, the LA County Sheriff’s Department, the US Marshals Apprehension Task Force and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Apprehension Task Force.

Those are four units with teeth, but what is going to be done to keep people safe and stores secure? That remains to be seen, but as long as criminals have nothing to fear, they have no incentive to stop.

Los Angeles Macy’s overtaken by a massive mob that robbed it. (Photo by Gary Hershorn/Getty Images)

Hopefully, the members of the mob that overtook this Macy’s location are found and the hammer is dropped. The days of absolute chaos and carnage in cities in America must end.

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