LOL, New York Times Wants Pro Sports Leagues to Shut Down

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The New York Times published an article on Thursday that begs professional sports leagues to shut down for, at least, the next two months.

“It’s time to press pause on games, matches and meets. If we’re genuinely interested in public health, genuinely invested in slowing the virus and saving lives, we need to look at the storm that has gathered and take shelter from it. … Come back in February, or later.”

Got that?

If the Times gets its way, the NFL season will hit pause and resume play in the spring. An April Super Bowl, perhaps. Moreover, Aaron Rodgers would have to sit out in this scenario. The Times says the NFL, NBA, and NHL must not only shut down instantly but also mandate vaccination for every player.

Here are the Times’ solutions:

“It’s time for sports leagues to mandate vaccination for every player. No shot, no games or practices or hanging at team headquarters.”

“Time that all teams require proof of vaccination from fans and, yes, the wearing of masks. When we see 100,000 fans packed shoulder-to-shoulder at the biggest stadiums, a sea of unmasked multitudes, everyone screaming at the top of their lungs, what message does that send?”

“Time to get back to the rigor of daily testing.”

While true that current COVID policies are hurting pro sports, particularly this week, the Times‘ proposals are not the answer.

Mandating vaccination for every player and requiring daily testing would not increase the number of players eligible to play in the NBA, NFL, and NHL. The COVID vaccine is less of a vaccine than it is a therapeutic, meaning it mostly prevents severe cases and hospitalization. Example: the long list of vaccinated NFL and NBA players who tested positive this week.

So even if all players were vaccinated, daily testing (for which the Times hopes) would still find many of them positive, thus disqualified from eligibility.

Vaccines do not end COVID, despite what the media told us. Notably, 95% of NFL players are vaccinated and the league reported that 62 players tested positive on Monday and Tuesday, more than any two-day stretch last season without the vaccine. Meanwhile, the NBA is 97% vaccinated, yet cases across the league are spiking drastically.

Further, the lack of testing in sports is not the central problem. COVID is not going away. Therefore, pro sports leagues either have to settle for players routinely missing pivotal games or start treating COVID like the flu, a scenario in which players with mild or no symptoms could still play.

There’s no evidence that vaccinated players are transmitting the virus on the field. So why won’t the NFL allow asymptomatic players to participate? Well, no one has ever explained why.

As for the delay proposal, the NFL will not consider it. The Super Bowl will be held in February — unfortunately in Los Angeles — as planned. On the other hand, the NBA, the progressive league, would be more likely to consider pausing its season and mandating vaccines for all. 

“We’re at war with the virus, and the sports world is among the most powerful social forces in the world,” the Times concludes.

And that’s how you guys suggest we finish the battle, huh?

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. I’m not sure which is dumber; people who continue to think that COVID = DEATH regardless of vaccination status, age or co-morbidities and therefore insist on ALL of these methods for so-called prevention
    useful idiots who just continue to accept this as truth and validate the other’s thinking.

    In my ideal world, testing would only occur for those with co-morbidities and symptoms. They would be required to isolate if positive. No one is forced to wear a mask or test EVEN WHEN THEY FEEL FINE. Don’t want the vaccine? Don’t get it, but be prepared for issues with some private businesses. Don’t want to wear a mask? Don’t. MOVE THE FUCK ON AND STOP TRYING TO KILL A VIRUS WITH A PIECE OF FABRIC WHILE STANDING FAR AWAY FROM OTHERS.

    I am so fucking sick of a complete and total lack of personal responsibility being espoused by the left. Of course, those who are espousing it do so because it makes them more powerful, which is the only way they have any self worth. When I see a career politician, in most cases I see a narcissistic, book smart know-it-all who should be forced to work a real job with real outcomes 5 of every 10 years. That’s not just the left either. Just more of them on that side.

    • Brilliantly stated! Love the article’s point about the jab simply being a therapeutic. Which then blows away the jab-mandater’s argument of it stopping the spread, which only leaves the increased pressure on hospitals as their argument for it. Which is countered with they should also be in favor of banning other lifestyle choices that actually kill more people from cancer, heart disease and diabetes. (I am not in favor of banning alcohol or any foods, btw.)

    • Unjabbed (stop calling it a vaccine, it’s not one by any pre-2020 definition) are not any any greater risk than jabbed. As a matter of fact jab injury deaths are being hidden with two doses and 2 week window because our corrupt medical system flags it as a covid death of the unjabbed. What a crock.

      Early treatment and natural boosting of immune system is more effective at preventing serious illness than the jab. Yes, private businesses can do what they want but not at a cost.

      Can’t wait to see what the 5 year effects are of the jab, but from what I have seen, it’s not going to be pretty.

  2. Well, as the long as the NYT is willing to help keep furloughed stadium workers whole by supplementing whatever they get from the government, then why not? Better yet, why doesn’t the NYT show leadership by sending some of their own employees home on furlough?

    It’s the textbook definition of unserious.

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