Former Masters Champ Sergio Garcia Praises ‘Saudi Money’ After Hearing He Got Banned From Scottish Open

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Former Masters champ Sergio Garcia went on a rampage after hearing about a European golf league’s penalty for players that struck deals to join Greg Norman’s LIV Golf Series, which has been disputed for funding that links back to Saudi Arabia.

The Spanish golfer reportedly went off at the BMW International Open, in late June, after receiving news that he was being banned from the Scottish Open and due a $105,000 fine from the DP World Tour for joining LIV.

Garcia’s rant at the BMW Open failed to muster any support for the penalized golfers after shouting “this tour is s***, you’re all f***ed” to his fellow players and remarking that they should have accepted the disputed Saudi money.

“The news [of the ban] came out during last week’s BMW International [in Munich],” an anonymous player at the scene told The Telegraph. “Sergio flew off the handle, shouting, ‘this tour is s**t, you’re all f***ed, should have taken the Saudi money.'”

The inside source added, “Sergio’s reputation had taken quite a hammering anyway before this, but this has sealed it for many of us. The rant in America the other month was one thing, but this is his home tour, where he started, and he shouldn’t forget that. Fair enough, he’s taken the money. But he doesn’t have to rub other players’ noses in it.”

Scottish pro golfer Bob MacIntyre was referenced in the scene and later gave credence to the story after tweeting, “Amazing how fast you can lose respect for someone that you’ve looked up to all your life #10secondrant #wecanhearyou,” hours after the reported tirade.

Garcia has been vocal about his frustration with current legacy golf leagues, including the PGA Tour, which he bashed at the first round of the Wells Fargo Championship in May when he received a penalty for taking too much time to locate his ball on the 10th hole.

“I can’t wait to leave this tour,” Garcia reportedly said. “Can’t wait to get outta here. A couple more weeks, and I won’t have to deal with you anymore.”

Garcia, along 15 other golfers subject to the DP World Tour’s discipline, are threatening litigation in response.

The group sent a letter regarding the potential case:

“Instead of spending our time, energy, financial resources and focus on appeals, injunctions and lawsuits, we would implore you, the custodians of the DP World Tour, to reconsider your recent penalties and sanctions and instead focus our energies on forging a path forward that is better for the DP World Tour members and the game of golf.”

DP World Tour Chief Executive Keith Pelley said the following about the sanctions:

“I wish many of them had been as keen to play on our tour then as they seem to be now, based on the fact they have either resigned their membership of the PGA Tour or, if they are still in membership, have been suspended indefinitely.”

Garcia previously won the 2017 Masters and has made more than $54 million in tour prize money.

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