LIV Golf Under Investigation For Killing A Cactus

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Greg Norman and the fellas over at LIV Golf are under investigation for killing a cactus in the name of hospitality.

Two of them, to be exact!

Video out of Arizona has gone viral showing a pair of landscapers with chainsaws and pitchforks murdering a giant cactus to make room for a hospitality tent at an upcoming LIV Golf event.

The locals ain’t happy, and neither is the Arizona Department of Agriculture, which has launched a full-scale investigation.

“The AZDA did not identify records of a permit or notice of intent for The Gallery Golf Club to cut down the two saguaros, and we are currently conducting an investigation related to this action,” Heather Flowers, assistant director of the department’s Strategic Initiatives and Policy, told the Arizona Republic.

LIV golf investigation.
LIV Golf murders cactus for golf tournament.

LIV Golf kills Arizona cactus in the name of hospitality

Of all the things that could’ve possibly taken LIV Golf down, I did NOT have a pair of cactuses (cacti?) on my Bingo card. But 2023 is a wild time, so I certainly wouldn’t be surprised.

Jerry Parker was the witness who took the video from The Gallery Golf Club in Marana last month.

Two men can be seen butchering a saguaro cactus, which is a no-no in the cactus world. Apparently, those things are more protected than the Clinton family.

The massive plant can grow to 50 feet and live between 150-175 years, according to the National Park Service. It’s also protected. Wanna cut one down? You have to get a permit, which LIV reportedly did not do.

Jeremy Duda, the club’s GM, said they may face a $5,000 fine. He added that everyone thought the cactuses would be relocated.

Judging by that video, the only place they’ll be relocated to is the Gallery Golf Club dumpster.

“That’s what we were told, and they ended up chopping them down without our permission,” Duda added.

Written by Zach Dean

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