List of Terrible ‘College Football Won’t Happen’ Media Reports/Takes

We had college football on our TVs last night. It was great.

If you followed Twitter all summer and took the past two weeks off, you were shocked to see it on. For months, the untrustworthy, coronabro sports media reported and predicted a season wouldn’t happen.

Here are some of the greatest hits. Enjoy, share, and laugh:





Can you “see” it now, Bomani?

By the way, the NFL is less than two weeks away.

Serial racist bigot Mike Florio weighed in, as well. Here’s Florio getting crushed by Outkick.

Will they finish the season? If you believe in Max Kellerman, the answer is no.


Man, how great is it to have football on TV again?

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  1. “Takes” aren’t even takes anymore. It’s like the story of crabs being in a barrel and stepping all over each other so none of them get out. Man. I can’t believe I actually used to like Bojo, Screamin A, and Herbie. Now, I can’t stand them. Maybe I just can’t stand ESPN 👍🏼

  2. This is great, but I wouldn’t lump Herbstreit into this group. He plays it straight, and if you just follow his Twitter and his comments, it’s pretty clear where his politics lie, but he has to keep a job at ESPN, so he does what he must.

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