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Jason Whitlock Decapitates Mike Florio On Twitter Streets

You know how Saturday mornings go in the summer if you’re a dad, you wake up, make breakfast for the kids — breakfast, by the way, is cheerios because your kids don’t trust you to make reliable oatmeal while mom is out on her morning jog — tell the kids they aren’t going to play Fortnite and Minecraft all day — even though you know they probably are –, set up plans to watch “Jurassic Park” the 1990’s version on family movie night, and then pick up your phone and scroll through social media to see what happened overnight.

And then, boom, you see Jason Whitlock has already beaten you to the Twitter streets and has ended a member of the blue checkmark brigade before you even have your morning coffee.

I mean, just look at this exchange with Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio.

Florio talks a big game — no one obsessively defends Colin Kaepernick more than he does on the woke Twitter streets — but after 15 years of running a site he’s still never had a black writer?


The funniest thing about Florio’s flaccid defense is he wasn’t willing to pay Whitlock what he was worth and he implicitly acknowledges he hasn’t been able to find anyone else that’s worth hiring. Florio’s best defense to his hiring practices is, “I wasn’t willing to pay one black man what he was worth and no one else has been worth my consideration since then.”

Double yikes.

Right now sports media is suffused with your standard blue checkmark brigade member who didn’t know Juneteenth ever existed until two weeks ago and is now obsessed with the fact that the president hasn’t mentioned it on Twitter. Guys like Mike Florio. As you can see above, Florio has been on Twitter for over a decade and has never mentioned Juneteenth, but now he’s the most Juneteenthiest dude you’ve ever seen. No one has loved Juneteenth — for the past two weeks — more than Mike Florio. He has a Juneteenth tattoo, guys! You want to see it?! It’s right next to his boxed set DVD collection — unopened — of “Roots.”

Except you know the dude’s a fraud, the kind of all talk, no action loser who has been writing about the nation’s most popular sport for over a decade and has no fan base. Think about how hard that is to do, you WRITE ABOUT SOMETHING THAT PEOPLE LOVE FOR DECADES AND YET NO ONE LIKES YOU.

This describes a huge portion of the blue checkmark brigade — your standard Dan Wolken’s and Mike Florio’s of the world — they’ve spent their entire careers writing about sports, something that normal people seek out for entertainment when they aren’t working, and yet not one person would care if they didn’t have their jobs anymore.

That’s really an incredible accomplishment.

You sell something people love and they don’t like you.

Mike Florio’s radio show got canceled this year and no one even noticed because no one listened to it at all.

For a long time these sports media blue checkmark brigade members have been traipsing around the woke Twitter streets with no accountability at all. They’ve been able to virtue signal to the high heavens and no one called them on their blatant hypocrisies.

Welp, those days are over now, my friends.

It’s open season on media frauds at Outkick.

Get your popcorn, this is gonna be fun.

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.


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  1. Hey Clay,
    GREAT stuff…and you did some fine work here as the consulting surgeon! Thank you for letting us see the hypocrisy!!!
    And thank you, Jason, for the essential surgery…hope you wore a mask!
    Thank you both for calling out the guy. Nothing – and nobody – worse than hypocrites.
    Best wishes,

  2. Florio is a total coward. He was great before he sold to NBC. Ever since then, he’s been a woke sellout. I called him out in the comments when it started and he blocked me ever after.

    Too bad, their content on the league is generally good. Haven’t found another source that has as much updated “rumors” as they do. But I’ve tuned them out with all the wokescold on Kaep and their rooting for coronapocolypse.

    And don’t get me started on that moron Chis Simms or Clay’s buddy Peter King!

  3. Hey Clay and Jason…a postscript if you will:
    Glad you guys didn’t wait til Florio was trying to slide out of bounds either. Glad you crushed him in the pocket!!!

  4. Spot on from both of you! Florio is a self-righteous blogger who is in a constant state of biting the hand that feeds him. He is intent on taking down the NFL and whatever will he blog about then? Obsessing over the president’s tweets on Juneteenth will only write so many “articles”…

    Here’s to hoping he makes his own twitter instead of hiding behind the “Pro Football Talk” name.

    It’s not about feeling a certain way politically or socially but it’s about stopping the virtue signalling by those who act better than the rest of us.

  5. Looks like the “band-wagon” jumping has started all over. Thank you Jason for pointing out Florio for who he truly is…a fraud! Cannot express how glad I am to be a VIP subscriber and get all this excellent commentary! It is worth every dollar.

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