Lions Aiming High In Draft, Seek Immediate Impact Guy, Dan Campbell Says

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When you’re Detroit Lions, you need guys who can make an impact, like, yesterday. And that’s precisely what coach Dan Campbell said the Lions are seeking with the No. 2 overall draft pick.

“You want a guy who can come in and he’s a Day One starter,” Campbell told reporters. “That’s really what you’re trying to acquire. You’d like to think by the time you hit your first game this player is starting for you and he’s going to be able to produce.”

Now, keep in mind there has been talk of the Lions potentially trading the pick, perhaps moving down to get another pick and an experienced veteran. But hey, if that doesn’t work out, there are worse things in life than adding help in the draft.

Right? Right, says Campbell.

“That’s where our pool of guys are coming from,” Campbell said. “You want to build your core that way and you want to develop those players, and then you want to sign those players back, and then you want [to] draft some more.”

Along with owning the No. 2 pick, the Lions have the No. 32 overall, courtesy of their trade of Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams. Stafford one a Super Bowl. The Lions stunk. The consolation prize is two first-rounders on the first day of the draft. They also hold the second pick of the second round (No. 34 overall).

Anyway, whoever the Lions pick is indeed likely to become a star right away. Maybe not on the field, but as relayed by OutKick’s Megan Turner, perhaps on “Hard Knocks.” After all, the Lions are the featured team this year.

When you’re the Lions, again, you’ll take any stars you can get, no matter how they come about.



Written by Sam Amico

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