Abraham Lincoln, Who Freed the Slaves, Is Too Racist to Have a San Francisco School Named After Him

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Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves, is too racist to have a San Francisco school named after him, at least according to the far-Left morons who make up the San Francisco Board of Education.

In a 6-1 vote on Tuesday, the board approved resolution calls for removing names that honored historical figures who have, wait for it, “ties to slavery, oppression, and racism.” George Washington, the country’s second-greatest president, also got the boot.

The city of San Francisco has reached peak insanity. This latest woke, fake outrage movement took off two months ago when the useless San Francisco United School District’s School Names Advisory Committee claimed Lincoln never showed “black lives ever mattered to him,” and thus demanded the removal of his name from a San Francisco school.

This bogus committee even wrote that Lincoln “lived a life…stained with racism, oppression or human rights violations.”

As much as we want to mock this whole situation, we can’t help but be alarmed by it. Cancel culture has never been about equality or improving the country. It has always been about power. When they label people as “racist,” often with no evidence, decision-makers show that they fear the Left and will give in to their demands. Each time the far-Left gets its way, which has increasingly been the case of late, their threats become even more illogical and foolish.

Lincoln is America’s greatest hero. He was not a racist, and removing Lincoln’s name from a school by citing racism is destructive to U.S. history. Students will hear vile, false statements about Lincoln, and they will believe them. Most students won’t question their educators. So, instead of getting a proper education on Lincoln’s legacy, his fight against slavery, and his fearlessness — students will believe that Lincoln was too racist to have a school named after him. Unbelievable.

The anti-American zealots have gone too far, but they’ve been too far for a while. Anyone involved in a school, building, or organization named after Abraham Lincoln should feel honored. I recommend parents pull their students out of this San Francisco school tomorrow.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

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    • I am glad I don’t have kids in public schools or kids for that matter. These kids are on their way to becoming Young Pioneers (CCP reference).

      We are in trouble as a country unless people stop this nonsense from getting bigger. I think this crap will peak with President Harris. After that, who knows.

  1. This is the peak of hypocrisy for modern leaders to have the audacity to sit in moral judgment on Lincoln and past leaders. Today’s leaders argue for the right to intentionally kill unborn children in the womb, promote the destruction of the family by advocating insane definitions of marriage never seen in human history, and believe it’s discriminatory to question someone who thinks they’re something other than their biological sex. They’re judging Lincoln morally? Wow. If the script was flipped these people wouldn’t have a statue in his day either, and would likely be thrown into prison or an asylum for pushing things they stand for openly today.

  2. Hey Bobby,
    I know you know this, but most kids going thru K-12 can’t tell you how many presidents we’ve had and who was the first…how many stars are on our flag. The Bill of Rights? They’d probably say it’s something you get when you buy a car.
    Our schools and their admins have succeeded beyond even their wildest dreams at making education irrelevant; feelings, feelings are what matters.

  3. He wasn’t racist in the traditional definition of the term. But he was caucasian, which is what these people really mean when they call him racist.

    I guarantee you whoever the schools are named after next will be no more virtuous than Lincoln, but they will be less white.

  4. They even renamed Diane Feinstein’s school.
    According to what I read it will cost $400,000 just to change the signs plus all the extras like BB court logos uniforms. Total Well over a million dollars and they still won’t let the kids back in school.
    You really have to be totally stupid to be on that school board.

  5. I thought Affirmative Action solved all the problems…..forgot…..Dems never solve problems. I apologize to all the “woke” readers of this comment. If you must cancel me please do so….I will accept your decision. YOU ARE IDOITS!

  6. Any parent who puts their child in a Bay Area public school needs to have their head examined, or better yet, move the hell out of California. Imagine a place where 6 out of 7 school board members have a severe mental illness (a condition called “insanity” in Lincoln’s time).

  7. The NY Times “1619 Project” has virtually been adopted by the left as America’s true founding. Trump’s “1776 Commission” was recently dissolved by a Biden executive order. It’s no secret that history is being rewritten by radicals. Our founders have been under attack and now Lincoln. It is frightening to think of the BS history that is currently being taught to our kids. Lincoln fought like hell to free the slaves, but he is deemed a racist. The KKK was formed by Southern Democrats, but is described as a Republican hate group by the left. Unfortunately this shit storm is only going to get worse.

    • History Channel had a great show yesterday called “The Mafia vs. The KKK.”

      The entrepreneur-class of immigrants and mobsters were Republicans. In NYC of all places. The KKK were founded by Democrats who couldn’t handle jazz music or anything else.

      Worth a watch.

  8. I live in California, and my kids just started attending in person K-8 for first time in 10 months. Public school. In California. Do you know why? We live in a rural community of about 1,200 folks. We have an independent school district.

    This isn’t just San Francisco or California we’re talking about. It’s urban values versus rural values. Liberal voices dominate American cities, even in red states.

    Look at Boise. Their mayor is as progressive as any. Yet Idaho remains staunchly conservative.

    It’s the same in California. San Francisco and LA are insane. San Diego tries to keep up. Group think, mob mentality, cancel culture, whatever you want to call it, all comes from liberal urban areas.

    Central California will not be changing any school names. Neither will anyone north of San Francisco. We do not relate to those folks.

    Do you think Bills Mafia relates to the Manhattan social class? I think not.

    • Great analogy about the Bills Mafia. I live in SoCal and the transplants are the idiots. They always have been. They can’t make it here so they attempt to bring everyone else down. In my neighbourhood, Trump signs were everywhere. Drive to the other side of town that’s been invaded by transplants and you’ll find your Biden signs.

      The successful, old guard are buying property out of state and keeping their homes here as a second home. Thankfully, these are business & family-minded people who don’t vote like all the attention-seeking idiots that aren’t even from here or, have a pot to piss in.

  9. Cancel Culture only happens to White Men. Like Brad Pitt said in MoneyBall……..There’s the Yankees(people of color), then there’s 50 lbs of crap, then there’s us(White Men). That’s the Left, social media, media outlets and Big Tech’s entire agenda moving forward. We saw the hypocrisy with the Summertime riots of BLM and Antifa. The left called their rioting, looting, burning and killing, “peaceful protests” and called the white people storming the Capitol, an insurrection”.

  10. every so often the left has to further disable the most vulnerable in our society.

    poor children generally are under educated and now they will recieve no education at all.

    folks that can move or send kids to private schools will do so. maybe Joe Biden can train inner city kids to Code or Build solar panels.

    SF and LA are dumps and San Diego is working on it …

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