‘King’ Remains Quiet About Murders, Arrests At School

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Dan Dakich said it’s impossible to argue that LeBron James’ silence has nothing to do with the fact that it was three black kids that beat up and killed a white kid outside his school in Akron, Ohio.

“This crime was particularly vicious and this crime happened at LeBron James School,” Dakich said. “And LeBron James has been quiet about it. A lot of people think it’s because three black kids beat up a white kid.”


“Hard to argue that it’s not the reason,” Dakich said. “In fact, it’s impossible to argue that. That’s not the reason. King James has been all about social justice. I haven’t heard a word from him other than pray for our community.”

The LeBron James Family Foundation’s statement can be read here.

“One kid walked up behind the kid and knocked him the hell out,” Dakich said. “He got sucker-punched, apparently, according to the police report. And then while the guys were fighting, a guy walked right up behind them, knocking from behind and then they killed him.”

James’ I Promise School is a part of the Akron Public School District, serving students in third through seventh grades. Neither the victim, 17-year-old Ethan Liming, nor the suspects — 21-year-old Donovon Jones, 19-year-old Tyler Stafford and 20-year-old Deshawn Stafford Jr. — attended the school. Akron Police Chief Stephen Mylett said there is no evidence the murder was a hate crime.

Dan said white media is scared to death to cover this story. Three black kids killed — not injured, killed — a white kid outside of the school owned by one of the biggest stars in the world.

“We all know the reason LeBron James isn’t speaking is because it was a white kid killed by three black kids,” Dakich said. “Anybody that doesn’t think that doesn’t understand the world that we live in. I understand the world that we live in. And I know I’m absolutely right.”

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  1. Reverse the roles. Biden, every Democrat parasite and every woke talking head would be screeching about this 24/7. We have a big racism problem in the country, but it isn’t with who the left wants you to believe. This needs to be treated as a hate crime. The victim had two black friends with him and it is being reported that they tried to intervene but were chased off. Notice they were not murdered. These vermin perps should get the needle, or at best life and no parole.

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