LeBron Refuses to Comment on Police Shooting Reward Challenge

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Following the horrific incident in Compton, Los Angeles, Sheriff Alex Villanueva publicly challenged social justice warrior LeBron James to match the reward money for information leading to an arrest in the case. The county put up $100,000 while private citizens have offered $75,000. LeBron has been dribbling and not commenting.

Finally, he was asked about the challenge but embarrassingly refused to comment.

“I have zero comment on the sheriff,” LeBron responded.

Well. No wiggle room there.

It is no surprise to see LeBron running from the question. After all, he’s quite busy these days having a foundation aggressively texting random Florida residents trying to reach convicted felons. LeBron is looking around to pay fines so felons can vote (for Joe Biden) in the upcoming presidential election.

The urgent stuff first, right, LeBron?

LeBron, who is worth about a half-billion, is an activist when he sees fit. His brand-building methods include misleading millions of basketball fans on racial issues and silencing those who oppose the Chinese Communist Party. Oh, and wearing Colin Kaepernick gear in the locker room. Apparently, sticking up for the lives of police doesn’t lead to more shoe sales.

Unlike LeBron James, Outkick is kicking in $10,000 toward the cause.

“Outkick is pledging $10k to add to the reward for the capture of the shooter of the two LA police officers,” Clay Travis tweets. “We challenge other athletes, coaches, leagues & sports media organizations to match or exceed our pledge.”

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. I heard about Mayor Bloomberg paying convicted felons fines so they can vote. Now #23 from the Lakers is doing the same? Isn’t this essentially “buying votes”? Sounds illegal… Should be legal…. Also, the convicted killer better be paying taxes on this grant.

  2. Lebron will be an author when he retires, his first book will be entitled: “How to Poison Your Brand in 10 Easy Steps”. To think I actually defended this evil man when everybody was hysterical about The Decision…ugh. I must be a bigger idiot than him.

  3. You really cant even get mad at LeLame because he is truly an ignorant individual. He throws out his dogmatic BS and his Twittosphere laps it up like mothers milk. He could have turned the page on alot of this tension by saying how sorry he was about the sheriff’s shooting. He could of been Shaq but instead he’s Kap.

  4. This is no real shock. Constant irresponsible rhetoric when it suits him playing to his base. A brief chance to prove he’s anything but a man child with a very limited intellect and he has “zero comment ” I could go on but I think Jason has summed Lebron up quite succinctly on this site previously.

  5. Damn, he has gone from laughable, to a annoying to a genuine bad guy. He has created an atmosphere that has literally led to the murder of several people, black, white, brown, etc. He is either that dull or, is he evil?? I tend to think more the former but a case can be made that he actually has zero empathy for human life that does not serve him or his brand.

  6. LeChina James should be arrested along with Bloomberg. If I were Trump I would take away LeChina’s U.S. citizenship, send him packing with a 1 way ticket to China and tell him he will be shot on site if he ever steps foot on U.S ever again

  7. Another thought is NO athletes from any LA teams are showing support for the officers. The Rams, Chargers, Clippers, Galaxy, Lakers…. NADA.

    They’re all guilty of “silence is violence.”

  8. Like I mentioned in response to Jason’s BLM 101 lesson yesterday (BLM scrapping their beliefs section)…. A lot of this could either go away, or perhaps show how evil and Anti-American BLM really is if some reporter had the testicle fortitude to ask #23 of LA Lakers if he would stand for the Chinese National Anthem given his team was playing in an exhibition game… I think that would be a trifecta in bringing down #23, the NBA and Nike.

  9. This is a sad example of what my late-father used to say: “Money doesn’t buy class,” I don’t have to agree with LeBron’s activism, but it would have been a class move to simply say that he wishes the officers a speedy recovery and that the shooter was caught and brought to justice. That’s it.

    But it just confirms my suspicion that ultimately James is not a bright person. By all accounts, a genius basketball mind, but not well-rounded educationally. He is either controlled by those around him and/or surrounded by sycophants and is convinced he is smarter than he really is. It is not unusual for celebrities, especially those who achieved stardom at a young age, to think that because they are successful in one area, it makes them an expert in politics/social commentary.

    I’ve always felt like James was inauthentic and calculated in everything he does. Again, that’s the danger when you are in the public spotlight since your teen years. I don’t think James is a bad person, I sincerely think he thinks he’s trying to do the right thing. His problem is that he likely has no one in his circle who is willing to tell James when he is wrong, because they are all connected to the teet of his success. And because of that, he will continue to make missteps with no one to make him realize the negative impact of his actions.

    • yes…not informed and surrounded by yes men, and totally ignorant…and this is what freedom is up against…dude cant comment on cops being shot, muslims being in camps in China, or Hong Kong being turned upside down…he’s not intellectually equipped

  10. Does Bloomberg or “him” (I’m not saying his name anymore) have any idea what these felons were/are convicted of? Child molestation? Rape? Battery? I could go on and on. A felon HAS to go through the whole process on their own in order to have the right to vote. I hope they are investigated for this &!¥€ and this isn’t allowed. Hell, China could be fronting the money foe al we know.

  11. LBJ has bigger troubles. Here in Florida he joined Bloomberg in paying off felony fines so that felons can vote.

    That is a thing of value designed to entice a vote in exchange for the value given.

    That’s a Federal Crime when it’s a National Election.

    LeBron May fulfill his destiny by being jailed.

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