LA Sheriff Challenges LeBron James to Match Reward Money On Shot Officers Suspect

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has upped the ante for social justice warrior, LeBron James.

Following the horrific incident involving a gunman shooting two deputies in Compton, Villanueva publicly issued a challenge to the Laker star to match the reward money for information leading to the arrest of the individual. The County has put up $100,000 while private citizens have offered $75,000.

LeBron has been a public critic of violence and has used his public spotlight to draw attention to many cases involving the police.

The two deputies, one a 31-year-old female and the other a 24-year-old male, were sitting in their squad car at a Metro rail station when the suspect approached and opened fire through the window on the passenger side of the marked car. The deputies were able to radio for help, though both are listed in critical condition.

The sheriff’s department tweeted the video shortly after as they search for leads.

More disgustingly, protestors attempted to block the ambulance as it was headed to the hospital.

It was just over three weeks ago when Jason Whitlock wrote a column that exposed LeBron James as a bigot.

James, at the time of that column, was fresh off his conjecture over the state of mind for police who shot criminal Jacob Blake, saying: “You have no idea how that cop that day left the house. You don’t know if he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. You don’t know if he had an argument at home with his significant other. You don’t know if one of his kids said something to him and he left the house steaming. Or maybe he just left the house saying that, ‘Today is going to be the end for one of these black people.’”

What is plainly obvious is that this suspect most certainly decided that Saturday was going to be the end for a police officer.

Now the question becomes, will James reply or shut up and dribble.

UPDATE: Outkick kicks in $10,000 to the cause.

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  1. LeBron has blood on his hands. Supporting BLM knowing what they stand for and knowing the methods they are willing to use to achieve it makes LeBron James an accomplice. He is complicit in these acts of violence. First thing he should do is break up his family since BLM is against the nuclear family. Don’t go to his son’s basketball games. Pull his kids out of those exclusive private schools. On second thought maybe he shouldn’t because they are like pre-k for Marxist. At the collegiate level they can take advanced Marxist courses. Next thing he should do is dismantle his production company. It’s capitalistic. That’s a no no. Come on Mr Hypocrite, pony up.

    • I agree. Lebron has blood on his hands……..I just saw a video of a Tulsa office being murdered during a traffic stop (I realize this article is about LA officer’s being shot, but a video of a Tulsa officer being murdered was also just released). The officer was shot to death during a traffic stop of a criminal who resisted arrest. But according to Lebron, it’s ok to resist arrest. According to Lebron, it’s ok to:

      Wrestle with police (Like Jacob blake)

      Steal tasers from police(Like Rayshard Brooks)

      Fight with police and try to take their gun ( like Michael Brown)

      Everyone who looks at the data knows police kill more whites each year. Minorities only have a disproportionate number of police encounters because they are more likely to live in cities destroyed by Democrats. But do Lebron and NBA care about this? Do they try to actually do something to help people? Do they question the war on drugs? Of course not. They only stir racial tensions and promote resisting of arrest. As others have said, I honestly feel like watching the NBA is supporting the tearing down of our country.

  2. LePawn will do nothing, say nothing. He doesn’t give a shit. This entire incident from the shooting to the depraved onlookers to the despicable behavior at the hospital by BLM criminal is beyond evil. Thoughts and prayers to the officers and may all the others rot in hell.

  3. In one 10-minute media opportunity, LeBron James could lecture people he typically coddles about how wrong and unhelpful their attacks on law enforcement officers are.
    He could match the reward $.
    He could remind his fans that not breaking laws and complying with an officer in any encounter goes a long way toward keeping everyone calm and healthy enough to complain another day.
    He could be a role model for two-parent households, like he lives now and missed as a child.
    He could condemn rioting, looting and arson across the board.
    He could admit he was wrong in not speaking previously against China’s civil rights violations, and do so now.
    He could stop being an empty vessel for whatever “cause du jour” gets put in front of him and take the time to learn details, facts and statistics. Like the difference between BLM the sentiment and BLM the organization.
    He could. But he won’t. His brand might lose a little of the street cred he so obviously and desperately craves.
    As his audience shrinks.

  4. How can Lebron support ghetto gangstas? BLM: Marxist Ghetto Thugs who excel in lawlessness, assault and racism. Nice going pro sports teams, corporations, politicians who have mindlessly supported this fascist equivalent of “Hitler’s Brown Shirts!” ! 9 unarmed black men were killed by police last year, 19 white, hardly a slaughter like BLM promotes. They were all resisting arrest. Authorities; either deputize armed, law abiding citizens so they can defend themselves and who have observed this bigoted, racist, mentally and morally twisted side show and/or send in the Military, Marshalls, Home Land Security along with law enforcement and shut these gangsters down. Had enough you folks of all races who are fed up with this nonsense? Vote Republican for law and order and our great President Trump and his team. Dr. Greg Fitch, Ph.D.

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