LeBron James Subscribes To Twitter Blue To Keep His Checkmark After Vowing Not To

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LeBron James decided his blue checkmark on Twitter was too important to give up.

Elon Musk finally pulled the cord on legacy checkmarks Thursday afternoon, and as predicted, people have collectively lost their minds.

However, there’s one person who is weirdly silent. When it was announced Twitter was going to pull legacy checkmarks, LeBron James proudly declared he was going to lose his because he “ain’t paying the” money to subscribe to Twitter Blue to keep it.

Well, his checkmark must be gone by now, right? Wrong!

LeBron James vowed to never pay for his blue checkmark back in March. (Credit: Twitter)

LeBron James still has his blue checkmark.

As a Big J journalist, one of the first things I did when checkmarks disappeared was to see if LeBron had been a man of his word.

Spoiler: He had not.

Not only was his blue checkmark safe and secure on his account, but it turns out he’s even a Twitter Blue subscriber now. That means unless LeBron James gave him a subscription for free, which is possible but not probable, the four-time NBA champion opened his wallet.

Times sure have changed since March.

LeBron James is listed as a Twitter Blue subscriber and is still verified. (Credit: Twitter)

It’s not the first time LeBron has made a crazy claim.

The fact LeBron James is still verified shouldn’t surprise anyone. After all, the Lakers star has a storied history of making dubious claims.

He infamously claimed he knew Kobe Bryant was going to score 81 against the Raptors before it happened, said he listened to Migos before their first mixtape, alleged he didn’t know how to flop (lol!) and has said many other things that don’t add up.

LeBron’s claims are so humorous that memes target them.

Now, after vowing to never spend one penny on Twitter Blue to keep his checkmark, it’s still mysterious there and he’s subscribing.

It’s just another claim in a long line of claims that turned out to not be true.

LeBron James is still verified on Twitter. (Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images)

I guess when push came to shove, LeBron James just couldn’t give up his blue checkmark. Who couldn’t have seen that coming from a mile away?

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