LeBron James Has A Spot Waiting For Him At Ohio State

LeBron James apparently can’t get enough attention. Now he wants to go back to school a la Rodney Dangerfield and Ohio State is more than happy to help.

James was musing — and by “musing” I mean tweeting publicly — about whether or not he had NCAA eligibility.

It’s funny how when someone like LeBron James puts a question out into the internet and their 52.2 million followers, they get answers.

In this case, the answer came from Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith, who definitely didn’t see dollars signs when LeBron’s query floated down his Twitter feed,

As you’re no doubt aware, LeBron chose to forego college in favor of making millions in the NBA. That means he’s not eligible to play basketball in college, but the door is still open for every other sport.

LeBron going back to school, and potentially the same school as his son? That sounds like a terrible sitcom or another box-office bomb if ever I’ve heard one.

As the Comeback points out, high-profile athletes don’t usually go back to school to compete at the collegiate level. However, J.R. Smith — LeBron’s teammate with the Cavaliers and Lakers — did that very thing.

Smith walked on to the North Carolina A&T golf team after enrolling at the school in 2021.

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