LeBron Hit Up A Miami Hookah Bar After Win, Blows Fat Clouds, Leaves

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Lebron James celebrated the Lakers’ 129-110 win over the Orlando Magic on Tuesday night in style: by sucking smoke through a communal hose.

The Lakers headed down to South Florida after their brief respite in the City Beautiful ahead of a meeting with the Miami Heat on Wednesday. In Miami, LeBron made a pitstop at the restaurant and lounge Barsecco.

LeBron reportedly only stopped in at Barsecco for a quick 15-minute impression of the caterpillar from Alice In Wonderland just after 1:30 in the morning.

LeBron Being A Hookah Guy Isn’t A Shock

The least surprising part of this is that LeBron is a hookah guy. It’s not something I ever considered, but it makes sense.

I’ve never understood hookahs. To each their own, but taking hits off of a communal hose nozzle doesn’t sound like my kind of fun. Plus, if you’ve ever seen anyone set one up it looks like a complicated high school science fair project. There are a bunch of steps and it seems like you need a chemistry degree or your Boy Scout fire building badge just to get the thing heated up.

They’re just a complete pain in the ass, and in this humble writer’s opinion, a waste of time.

However, LeBron isn’t just a big hookah guy, he’s a big attention guy. If he just wanted to chill out and have a smoke he’d do it in private just like anyone else. Nope, not the man who calls himself King James.

He rolls into town for a 15-minute hookah sesh where everyone can see him and take video, then he splits.

Good to see LeBron is taking care of himself seeing as he’s in the midst of his 20th NBA season. I hear smoking hookahs do wonders for the ol’ lung capacity.

Maybe he just needs something to take the edge off after tweeting — then deleting — a guarantee that the Lakers would make the playoffs.

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