Woman Sets Her Wedding Dress On Fire During A Divorce Photo Shoot

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What are you supposed to do with your wedding dress when your marriage goes south? Is it supposed to take up space in your closet until the end of time? Do you sell it and pass along the bad luck to someone else?

You could drag it out into the woods and set it on fire. If you’re really creative, you could turn it all into a photo shoot. That’s exactly what divorcee Lauren Brooke did. She dropped videos of her divorce photo shoot on TikTok and racked up millions of views.

Lauren Brooke Divorce Photo Shoot
Woman burns wedding dress during divorce photo shoot (Image Credit: Lauren Brooke/TikTok)

All of the attention Brooke has received from the photo shoot had the Post reach out for answers. She explained the shoot this way, “I’ve been called a narcissist and attention-seeking, and people are saying I was the problem.”

“The photo shoot wasn’t celebrating the divorce itself – it was celebrating the fact that I survived it.”

The 31-year-old got married young back in 2012. She says her ex-husband’s job in the Army National Guard played a part in her marriage falling apart.

She said, “It can be difficult to be a military wife…The pressures from his job put a strain on the marriage.”

With hopes of working things out, despite the difficulties, Brooke filed for separation in September 2021. Spoiler alert, things didn’t work out. After the mandatory year of separation, the divorce was finalized in January.

There was only one thing to do after all of that. Grab your professional photographer mother, your new boyfriend, and get on with your life by breaking things and setting stuff on fire in the woods.

Divorce Photo Shoots Are About To Be Hot In The Streets

If you’re into the internet and content then you have to respect everything going on here. Brooke could have quietly thrown the dress into the dumpster and tossed the wedding pictures into the fire.

Where’s the fun in that? This was a much better idea. Let’s normalize divorce photo shoots and see how wild they get. This is a much better idea than those stupid gender reveals.

Lauren Brooke Divorce Photo Shoot
(Image Credit: Lauren Brooke/TikTok)

“What else was I going to do with my wedding dress?,” she said. “It couldn’t be returned and I wouldn’t want to give it to my daughter – not after the way it ended. So why not burn it?”

It makes sense to me. So what’s next for Brooke? Is she thinking marriage with her new boyfriend that she found on Tinder? Not so fast.

“I honestly don’t know that I’ll ever get married again,” Brooke said. “I’m just at a place where I’m happy, I’m content and I’m no longer sad or heartbroken. I’m focusing on me, my kids and my current relationship.”

If she does get married again, and it goes south, you better believe they’re be a bigger and better divorce photo shoot.

Lauren Brooke Divorce Photo Shoot
(Image Credit: Lauren Brooke/TikTok)

Written by Sean Joseph


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