Latest Poll Numbers Show More Americans Frustrated By Biden’s Blunders With Russia-Ukraine

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New poll data from the Schoen Cooperman Research institute released on Saturday provided a look at Americans’ sentiments on the direction of the nation.

More than half of participants (54 percent) voted that the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction, as the New York Post relayed. Voters also demonstrated hesitance with the long-term security of the U.S.

“More than nine in 10 respondents said they were very or somewhat concerned about the potential for the Russian invasion to lead to a wider war in Europe, while 36% of respondents said nuclear war with the country was very or somewhat likely,” noted the report.

Pollster Carly Cooper spoke with the Post on the data’s observations.

“Voters are more pessimistic than they were in December,” she said. “Seeing the mood of the country deteriorating further is not a good sign for Biden or Democrats in the fall, but on the other hand there is an opportunity for Biden to demonstrate leadership in a way that has thus far not been felt.”

With inflation hitting a whopping 7.9 percent, median gas prices in some cities nearing seven dollars a gallon and whirrs of a great war with international opponents, Biden’s predictable blunders continue to unfold, and at a vital time prior to the midterm elections.

According to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, Biden has yet to approach U.S. oil and gas providers to help drive down the rising costs hurting Americans at the pump.

Commentary from both sides of the political aisle forecast a grueling season ahead for Democrats based on the alarming advent to Biden’s presidency — with no hope of resolve ahead, thus, lower approval numbers likely on the way.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. We should all be more than frustrated, we should start being genuinely fearful.

    Our country is being led by idiots and incompetents. When you hire people based on blue checkmarks rather than qualifications this is what you get.

    Look no further than the vice president and the secretary of transportation.

  2. The problem with Ukraine is extremely complex but the question is simple. What can be done? People complaining, angry. Maybe it’s out there, but I’ve heard NO ONE with any level of expertise say what CAN be done that would would be meaningful. More sanctions? Worthless. And experts acknowledge that. War?!?! Do people realize what that means? The risk is that Putin is more senile than Biden (yeah, hard to believe, but he’s 70) and actually uses nukes. I actually don’t blame Biden that much because of this. I actually blame Europe more. They should have been the first to act yet they did nothing until we did. We doesn’t Germany dismantle the NordStream2 pipeline and prohibit all future imports of Russian gas? Hurt Germany more than Russia. Maybe a stronger president would build a stronger coalition with Europe against Russia, but Europe has no appetite to be on the front lines again in a major war. First thing I’d do if it was legal is put a $10 Billion bounty on Putin’s head, dead or alive, no expiration date. That’ll get his attention.

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