Last-Place Fantasy Football Finisher Tackles 24-Hour Whataburger Challenge

Last-place fantasy football finishers know the punishment is coming. They know it could involve standing on a street corner while wearing a banana hammock or having their trucks wrapped with the cutest unicorn graphics you’ve ever seen.

Thanks to the Internet and trailblazers in this content category, fantasy football punishment continues to push the boundaries as the years go on. Now we’ve entered a period where food challenge punishments are becoming all the rage.

A fantasy football league in Oklahoma wrote to Clay about their 24-Hour Whataburger Challenge punishment, and the results are in. The league’s last-place finisher, Bruce, recently sat down at the burger joint to eat his way out of Whataburger jail.

“We are southern Oklahoma guys who have known each other for years,” league hype man Benjamin Lewis explains. “We have a dynasty auction-style league. In the past, those bottom dwellers would look to trade for injured or high salaried players in preparation for ‘next year.’

“Some in the league hated that so we came up with a last-place finisher reward.”

Enter the Whataburger Challenge, based on 2021’s smash-hit Waffle House Challenge.

“Our lovable loser was required to spend 24 hours in the lobby of our local Whataburger,” Lewis writes. “For every kids’ meal he consumes, [Bruce] reduces his sentence by 1-hour. 

“Once the hours sat and meals ate tally makes it to 24, the loser is free to go.  One other rule, if you throw up, all meals eaten are reduced back to zero.”

To make the challenge even more fun, Lewis reached out to Whataburger about his challenge idea, and the burger chain’s marketing team was nice enough to bring swag, prizes, and gift cards to make Bruce’s big day that much more fun.

The rules:

“Bruce thought this would be an easy challenge because we gave him the choice to choose his combination of kids’ meals,” Lewis notes. “His choices were two chicken strips, fries, and fruit snacks or kids’ hamburger, fries, and teddy grams, or a combination of the two.”

Gameday at Whataburger:

“We started at 8 am.  Bruce made a fatal mistake in ordering 6 kids’ chicken meals to start the day.  You’ll see that result in picture one.  He powered through those in about an hour but was hurting from 9-10:15 am.  The breading on the chicken and cold fries were a major hurdle.”

A quick Google search reveals that a Whataburger kids’ chicken strip meal contains 940 calories. Throw in the Teddy Grahams and Bruce was headed for an instant big boy carb load.

Bruce crushing those chicken strip kids’ meals, but the regret was quickly kicking in.

But, he quickly shaved six hours off the 24-hour challenge.

“He made his second order at 10:30 a single kids meal hamburger, you will see in picture three that he immediately regretted that decision,” Lewis writes. 

“It took him 2.5 hours to complete meal #7 on the day.  He took a break until 3 pm when he was ready to bang out two more; he went with hamburgers again because the chicken breading proved to be too much.  He knocked those out in 15 minutes using a new standing strategy you’ll see in picture four to bring his total to nine meals.”

A quick search reveals that the kids’ burger meal checks in at 610 calories.

Bruce switches up his strategy to take advantage of stomach flexibility.

“From 3:15 to 5 he hit a massive wall.  At this point, he had consumed roughly 10,000 calories,” Lewis continues as Bruce gets so close to ending his misery. 

“His goal was to out of there by 8 p.m. which would mean three more meals.  From 5 to 8 he consumed one meal per hour to bring his total to 12 just before 8 p.m.  You’ll see in picture 2 that he is finished and out of there!

The grand totals:

  • 12 total kids’ meals consumed
  • (6) chicken strip meals
  • (6) Justaburger meals
  • Fries
  • Teddy Grahams

What a run. Hype man Lewis didn’t give us an update on whether Bruce immediately hit up Walgreens for Ducolax or note how Bruce was feeling the next day, but he’s clearly fine.

“Bruce is a great man and good sport,” Lewis says at the end of his email. “He serves our country in active duty National Guard.”

Great job to everyone involved, including Whataburger for recognizing that these guys were just out to have some fun with their buddy and bring yet another bright spot to last-place fantasy football punishment.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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