Guy Live Tweets His Fantasy Football Punishment, And It’s Amazing

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If you’re doing a fantasy football league right, your group has some sort of punishment for the person who comes in last place. No one wants tanking or someone giving up halfway through, so finding something no one wants to do as punishment for last place is an absolute must.

Lee Sanderlin and the rest of his fantasy football crew went with a well-known — but epic — punishment: 24 straight hours in a Waffle House. Unfortunately, Sanderlin was that guy, and we got to see the entire thing unfold live on Twitter.

OK, here are the rules from what I’ve gathered: 1) 24 hours in a Waffle House, but he can walk in the parking lot and 2) for every waffle he eats, an hour of time is removed. Let the games begin.

Now, if you want to view the entire thread (folks, I highly recommend that you do) then you’re going to have to click the tweet. There are a lot of updates — and a lot of waffles — included in that thread, and it’s way too much to share in one article.

BUT it’s totally worth it, I can assure you.

Let me just say that we need more of this. Now that social media is a big thing, all fantasy football punishments should come with mandatory tweets, Facebook posts or something. It can be live tweets or a video. But all of these ideas are way too good not to share with the world.

Unfortunately, this just reminded me that I have a punishment of my own coming up. After finishing lower than my former co-host, Antonio MacBeath, in our fantasy football league, I still have to take the ACT before next season. At 30 years old, I have to sign up — and pay money — to go sit and take a test with a bunch of teenagers for 5-6 hours on a random Saturday morning.

And then I have to read my results live on air. For someone who hasn’t given the pythagorean theorem a second thought in almost a decade and a half, this could get ugly.

No, I’m not happy about it, but I guess it’s better than spending 24 hours in a Waffle House. To be fair, I could probably cut that time in half with my waffle intake. I’m built for those moments. Am I built to take a college assessment test in the year 2021? No … no I am not.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. Fatso acts like waffles from Waffle House are below him. He’s lame. “Oh man I’m so fullsies after 2 waffles. I’ve never eaten this much. My commish gave me permission to puke cuz Waffle House is so lame.”
    Look at dude. He’s nothing but carbs. Eff him and his fat face. 😆😆😆

  2. What’s wrong with Waffle House waffles? If you eat some for breakfast and some for lunch, you are home for dinner. Plus, he has a smart phone so he can entertain himself the whole time. The friends should have taken his smartphone away and just interviewed him every couple of hours.

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