Cardi B Listed As Suspect In Battery Complaint After Las Vegas Incident: REPORT

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Las Vegas police reportedly are looking into Cardi B after a weekend incident that involved launching a mic at a fan.

The rapper threw a mic at a fan at Drai’s in Las Vegas after a liquid appeared to be thrown at her. Cardi B encouraged fans to engage with her and told people in attendance, “That sh*t feel good. Put that sh*t in my p*ssy, b*tch. Come on. Yeah, b*tch,” while facing her backside to the crowd. The DJ also told people to “splash her down.”

Apparently, she wasn’t actually interested because she launched the mic like she was trying out for the NFL when it appeared liquid hit her.

Now, it turns out the female fan allegedly hit by the mic filed a report Sunday with the Vegas police and Cardi B is listed as the suspect in the battery investigation, according to TMZ.

It’s unclear at this time whether or not the investigation will amount to anything or not.

Cardi B’s behavior was troubling.

Generally speaking, it’d be insane to ever condone throwing something on stage. It’s dangerous and stupid. However, this situation is far from normal.

There’s a video of Cardi B seemingly ENCOURAGING people to throw stuff at her. EW reported that after she was hit with liquid, she snapped at the crowd, ““I said splash my p***y, not my face, b*tch.”

Is she allowed to retaliate by throwing a mic if there’s video of her encouraging people to put stuff in her genital region? Can you throw something at somebody if they do what you encouraged them to do? Seems like that’s a question police will now have to answer.

Cardi B listed as battery suspect after throwing a mic at a fan in Las Vegas. (Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Starco Brands)

It now seems like this situation went from being a viral moment to possibly being a criminal investigation. The situation remains fluid. Make sure to check back to OutKick for the latest updates as we have them.

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