Larsa Pippen And Marcus Jordan Get Heckled At Chargers Game

Most people want to sit and watch an NFL Game in peace, but unfortunately for Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan, they were not afforded that luxury.

Pippen, 48, and Jordan, 31, were at SoFi Stadium to catch the Chargers’ 30-27 loss to the Chiefs. However, they were interrupted when a fan wandered down the steps and started giving Pippen a piece of his mind.

“Hey Larsa, that’s what you’re doing?” the fan yelled. “You’re with the boy, Mike’s son? You a cold motherf—-r, ain’t you! You’re cold as a motherf—-r, homie.”

It seemed like Larson and Pippen were being good sports about it until the guy started calling one of them a “cold motherf—–r” repeatedly. By then, the two looked like they’d rather be doing anything other than getting heckled at during a Chargers game.

However, if this Pippen-Jordan duo (the dating one, not the Chicago Bulls one) wants to go out in public, which they seem to do regularly, the’ve got to expect this sort of thing.

If you start dating the ex-wife of your dad’s old co-worker you might get chirped.

If it’s the ex-wife of a co-worker that everyone knows has an immense hatred for your dad, you should expect to get chirped.

Pippen and Jordan appear to brush that off, because they’ve been spotted out together a bunch of times, even before their relationship was confirmed.

They’ve been spotted on the beach in Miami and at the Rolling Loud music festival in New York.

Just last week the two were spotted out on the town to grab dinner. That evening, Pippen was wearing an outfit more transparent than her ex’s jealousy toward Michael Jordan.

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