Lane Kiffin Takes Yet Another Shot At Jimbo Fisher And Texas A&M, This Time At The Expense Of Haynes King

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While most assumed we would have to wait until the week of the Texas A&M-Ole Miss game for Lane Kiffin to take his latest shot at Jimbo Fisher, the Rebels’ head coach gifted us with a subtle jab during his weekly press conference on Monday.

Kiffin and Ole Miss are certainly focused on this weekend’s showdown against Alabama in Tuscaloosa. But a reporter in Oxford made the decision to ask Kiffin about the Rebels’ win over Georgia Tech this past weekend.

The win over the Yellowjackets is literally in the past and there is no need to discuss anything about the game after the fact, let alone two days after the game, but hey, capital j journalists gotta capital j journalist.

Lane Kiffin can’t help himself from taking subtle shots at Jimbo Fisher. (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)

Nevertheless, the Georgia Tech question was bait that Kiffin simply could not resist with Haynes King being the Yellowjackets’ starting quarterback after transferring out of A&M this past offseason.

“They’re much improved. Their coaching staff has really, schematically, done a good job. They took the Texas A&M quarterback and he looks like a brand-new player,” Kiffin said of Georgia Tech and King. “I think they’re going to move the ball on a lot of people, but we’ve got to play better.”

Lane Kiffin Loves Trolling Jimbo Fisher

This is classic Kiffin, and more importantly, his comment about King looking like a new player is accurate.

King has thrown nine touchdowns and just one interception in his first three games under center for Georgia Tech. He was less-than-stellar for Fisher’s Aggies a year ago appearing in six games while throwing seven touchdowns and six interceptions. In his six games with A&M last season, the only winning effort he was a part of came against Sam Houston State.

Ole Miss hosts Texas A&M on November 4 and the chances of there not being at least some fireworks in that contest are exactly zero percent.

Written by Mark Harris

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