Lane Kiffin Hilariously Trolls SEC Over Fine, Gets Math Wrong

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Lane Kiffin is not thrilled about the $25,000 fine he got from the SEC this week. In fact, he’s so upset he is willing to go the extra mile to show his displeasure with the league office.

On Monday night, the Ole Miss head coach tweeted a YouTube video about a man paying a bill in nearly $3,000 worth of pennies. That man had to use a wheelbarrow just to transport the ridiculous amount of change.

Soon after, Kiffin followed it up with the caption “where can I find 25,000 pennies.” There is only one issue. A $25,000 fine doesn’t equate to 25,000 pennies. But don’t worry, Kiffin corrected himself with a follow up tweet that said “250,000.”

Kiffin, we’ve got bad news for you. That’s not going to get it done either. Try it one more time.

On the third and final attempt, Kiffin nailed his math. It will take 2.5 million pennies to pay that $25,000 fine. It took a minute, but we got it.

The hysterical series of tweets were sent out for all of Kiffin’s 484,000 Twitter followers — and more — to see. But we both love and respect the fact that the head man in Oxford didn’t take to deleting tweets. He simply replied with the incorrect and then correct information.

Check it out:

We really don’t deserve Lane Kiffin. It’s 2020, and this guy is the only thing getting us through it. But hey, it’s thoughtful for him to put forth the effort in trying to locate 2.5 million pennies. We are in the middle of a coin shortage, after all.

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