Lamar Jackson Has Hilarious Reaction To Nick Cannon Rattling Off His Kids’ Names And Forgetting One

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Lamar Jackson is still waiting to sign his next NFL deal, so in the meantime, he’s perusing Twitter. One video — which just so happened to be of celebrity procreator Nick Cannon — stopped Jackson right in his tracks.

The clip in question was of Cannon rattling through his extensive roster of offspring, which by the last count was at a dozen. (Although by the time this article is published he could have added another one. The man works fast).

It came from Cannon’s recent interview with the former King of All Media-turned-wet blanket, Howard Stern. The radio legend — who once ran around dressed as Fartman but has now completely lost touch with the public to the point that he can’t understand why people have a beef with Bud Light — asked Cannon to name his kid.

Cannon did just that, only he forgot one.

His daughter, Onyx, whom he had had with LaNisha Cole, was left out. But, hey, cut him some slack; she was only born like seven months ago. It’s like trying to remember your new address after you move. It takes some time.

Cannon’s fatherly gaffe got a lot of attention, including some from Jackson. The Ravens QB dove into the world of GIFs and came back with a simple, yet effective one of Kevin Hart saying “DAMN!”

That’s right. Damn, indeed.

Cannon stole some headlines in that same interview when Stern asked if he would be interested in having more kids if — oh, say — Taylor Swift was interested in “working” with him.

“Absolutely, I’m in! Let’s go,” Cannon said. “That’s the one. I’m all in!”

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