Kyrie Irving Feels ‘No Guilt’ About Remaining Unvaccinated

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Nets star Kyrie Irving remains unvaccinated and unashamed. As COVID cases across the country continue to fall and mask mandates drop quicker than NBA defenders trying to guard him, Brooklyn’s point guard remains firm in his stance against getting vaccinated.

“There’s no guilt that I feel,” Irving said of his decision to refrain from getting vaccinated, per ESPN’s Nick Friedell.

Nor should he feel any guilt. Whether to get a shot or not is a personal choice, one that Irving has every right to make on his own. His decision means, at least for the time being, he can play only in Brooklyn’s away games because New York City still has comical COVID restrictions and mandates in place.

“I still wish I could be out there at home,” Irving added, per Friedell. “And some people say it’s as simple as, ‘Hey, go get this, go get the shot.’ No, it’s not as simple as that for me in my life, but ultimately still praying for a better outcome.”

Though he has intentionally missed those COVID shots off the court, Irving’s been his usual self on it. He’s boosted the Nets’ offense, averaging 24 points, five assists and five boards per game since making his season debut in early January.

Now that New York is seemingly coming to their senses about the ridiculousness of the city’s mandates, the guilt-free Irving could soon assist the Nets at home, as well as on the road.

“I’m the only player that has to deal with this in New York City because I play there,” Irving added. “If I was anywhere else in another city, then it probably wouldn’t be the same circumstances. But because I’m there, we have [Mayor] Eric Adams, we have the New York mandate, we have things going on that are real-life circumstances that are not just affecting me, bro. So you ask me these questions, I don’t feel guilt.”

Though Irving usually does most of his damage below the rim, when he goes up against the coronabros, Irving regularly dunks all over them.


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Written by Anthony Farris