Kyle Busch Gives Finger To NASCAR Haters, Elliott Calls Out Idiots, Wheelchair Races, Bubba Wallace ‘Stinks,’ Samantha Busch Checks In

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We learned two things this weekend at Fontana: Apparently it snows in California, which is hilarious for the Cali global warming truthers. Also, Kyle Busch is a Hall of Fame NASCAR driver in whatever damn equipment you put him in.

OK, we already knew that second one, right? I mean, Kyle won with Hendrick, then Joe Gibbs, and now Richard Childress. Chevy-Toyota-Chevy.

But I’m not sure anyone thought he would be this good, this fast with RCR. Well, OK, that’s also not entirely true, either.

I knew it! I told you last summer when Kyle Busch announced he was joining RCR he was the closest thing NASCAR would get to a modern day Dale Earnhardt, and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t right – despite some NASTY emails.

“To be able to put it up front like that, man,” Busch said after dominating the final 30 laps of Sunday’s race. “I never doubted myself, but sometimes you do. I need some 3CHI for my hands; I death gripped that wheel throughout the second half of that race!”

Get Rowdy some of that weed, fellas!

Elsewhere Sunday, Corey LaJoie of all people raised some hell, Joey Logano may or may not have started a huge ‘Mickey Mouse’ wreck, Chase Elliott said anyone who doubted Kyle Busch is an idiot, Bubba Wallace ‘stinks,’ and, of course, we check in with Queen Samantha Busch.

After all, they are NASCAR’s OG power couple and continue to run laps around the field.

Four tires, two cans of Sunoco racing fuel and some handwarmers for frigid California …

Monday Morning Pit-Stop – the ‘Uh-oh, Kyle Busch Is Still Really Good & We’re All Screwed’ edition – is LIVE!

Snow and NASCAR are apparently a thing.
NASCAR race postponed for … snow! (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

Chase Elliott says what we’re all thinking about NASCAR dummies

So Rowdy won by a hefty margin, but Chase Elliott certainly had a case to visit Victory Lane. Clyde was strong all afternoon, ran up front most of the day, and was actually gaining on Busch in the waning laps before running out of time.

Not a bad day at work for NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver!

“Congratulations to Kyle,” Chase said. “For him to leave and then to go get the job done like that is pretty cool. He’s always been really good to me, so happy for them.”

Elliott later told Fox Sports’ (great company!) Bob Pockrass that anyone who doubted Busch was an idiot who needed their brain examined.

I’m paraphrasing, of course.

Don’t blame me, Chase. Read the column!

Joey Logano wants you to check the tape

From the most popular driver in NASCAR to the best head of hair …

Joey Logano!

The defending champ is taking some heat today for making Fontana look like the 405 during a restart, with several drivers blaming him for stacking up the field from the lead.

Logano swears he didn’t do anything wrong, but he ain’t fooling a couple longtime vets. Aric Almirola – who may just be the most boring driver in the garage – called it a “mickey mouse” restart.

And when you’ve managed to piss off Aric Almirola, you know you’ve gone too far.

“I think the leader was just playing games,” he added.

Logano, meanwhile, said to shut up and watch the tape back!

Again, paraphrasing.

“Go back and look at the data. I didn’t do anything. I just rolled it and went like everyone was anticipating it,” he said. “I didn’t brake check anyone. It might look like it but you can go back and look at it and see it’s not there.”

Kyle Busch wins NASCAR fontana.
Kyle Busch is already up to speed with RCR, which is scary. (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

‘F–king’ Corey LaJoie stirs the pot

You know who deserves some shine after Sunday? Corey LaJoie. Don’t hear much from Corey because he’s in ‘meh’ equipment, but that cat can wheel and deal with anyone out there and it’s always fun to see him mix things up.

Unless, of course, you ask Ryan Blaney, who is on an ‘F-Bomb’ heater so far this season.

LaJoie, by the way, finished 14th and ran in the top-15 all day. May not look great on paper, but that’s a hell of a day for that team.

Keeping dicing, Corey!

PS: anyone remember this legendary paint scheme from a few years ago at Daytona?

Corey LaJoie strong at final NASCAR race at Fontana.
What a day for Corey LaJoie. (Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

NASCAR wheelchair races are in

Couple quickies on the way to Vegas …

How about this wheelchair race during Sunday’s actual race? Give me this sort of electric content every single day and twice on Sundays.

NASCAR fans are a different breed, folks. Sometimes we forget that, and then we get videos like this that just reel us right back in!

I love this sport. Think NASCAR is boring? Please, just do me a favor and spend one weekend in an infield and come out the other side and tell me you still think that. No SHOT you will.

How about the cupholder on that one recliner, too? Work smarter, not harder.

Bubba Wallace ‘stinks’ at Fontana

Tough day at the office for Bubba Wallace after a pretty strong start to the race.

He ultimately finished 30th with engines issues, and was, of course, happy as a lark over the team radio.

Goods news, Bubba! That was the last 2-mile race at Fontana ever! The current track is being torn to pieces and turned into a short track moving forward.

RIP: OG Fontana. Thanks for a pretty good race on your way out.

Chin up, Bubba.

Samantha Busch continues to be the top-tier NASCAR wife

Samantha Busch is a NASCAR wife OG, and has become an OutKick star over the past few months. Her Instagram is electric – for obvious reasons – and she’s arguably the most open WAG in the series.

Seriously, if you want to see behind-the-scenes stuff of a NASCAR driver, follow Queen Sam on the Gram. You won’t be disappointed.

Anyway, she wasn’t at Fontana Sunday, but you better believe she was GLUED to the colored TV from start to finish like the diehard she is.

Kyle Busch and wife Samantha are NASCAR royalty.
Samantha Busch greets Kyle Busch with a NASCAR cookie!

Wholesome content right there. Find you a lady who loves you like Queen Samantha loves Kyle Busch. Watches the kids all weekend, up all night because one is teething – which is THE WORST – and still finds time to whip up some cookies for later.

Unreal lady.

PS: how about the very unimpressed girl on the couch? Clearly ain’t a Rowdy fan.

PPS: Samantha Busch is elite.

Written by Zach Dean

Zach grew up in Florida, lives in Florida, and will never leave Florida ... for obvious reasons. He's a reigning fantasy football league champion, knows everything there is to know about NASCAR, and once passed out (briefly!) during a lap around Daytona. He swears they were going 200 mph even though they clearly were not.

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